Saturday, January 20, 2018

What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Yearly Membership? Is It Really Worth Your Money?

If you have come across this blog post then chances are you are looking for a way to create your own online business. If you have done any searches on the internet you have probably come across a site called wealthy affiliate. Wealthy affiliate offers 3 m3mbership levels: Free, Premium, and the yearly membership. In this blog post we are going to look at what's included in the yearly membership and to see if it is worth it.

So What Is Wealthy Affiliate? - Wealthy Affiliate is a online training site. If you are looking to create your own online business online wealthy affiliate will provide you with all of the tools that you will need to get started. You also have a whole community behind you providing support. The community is extremely active, making it quick and easy to talk with other like-minded entrepreneurs and online business builders. While wealthy affiliate has a wealth of information they make the process of building their online business as simple as possible. With their online website builder and tools a complete novice can get started.

What’s the difference between free, premium and the Wealthy Affiliate yearly membership?:

The Free Membership - The free membership is for those people who want to build an online business and make money online but aren't quite sure on how to do so. This is the entry level membership from WA. Even if you are a free member you can still make money with it. Its a great way to get started building your online business. With the free membership gives you access to a beginners training course which takes you through the early stages of planning an online business. It also shows you the process that many online businesses take to start a successful online business. Unlike many online training websites, you can join the free membership with no commitments what so ever. You can also stay a free member as long as you wish, as this isn’t just a free trial, it’s free forever.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership The premium membership is for those people who want to take their online business to the next level. This membership is paid monthly and it gives you full access to their training and tools available. Here is a comparison between the free and paid membership.

Wealthy Affiliate Yearly Membership Discount - Upgrading to the yearly membership gives you the best chance of success at wealthy affiliate. With the yearly membership you get access to everything that wealthy affiliate has to offer. With the yearly plan you will be saving money too. If you were to go premium for the year it would cost you $588 for the year. There is a discount of $19 for the first month but going yearly takes the cost down to $359 for the year. That's a savings of $299. I will leave a link to sign up for the yearly membership at the end of this review but now lets take a look at how wealthy affiliate works and what to expect.

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work And What Should You Expect? - Wealthy Affiliate will give you all of the tools that you will need to get started building an online business. The site teaches you how to build a profitable website that gets ranked highly within the search engines. The aim is that you create a website based on something that interests you. Everyone makes their own online business with Wealthy Affiliate and no two businesses are quite the same. Yet following the process that Wealthy Affiliate gives you has led to many people finding success online. However, you should be aware that this success doesn’t happen overnight. It is up to you to put in the time and effort to see results.

What Do You Get With Wealthy Affiliate Yearly Membership?

The Wealthy Affiliate yearly membership contains everything that the premium membership offers. The only difference between premium and yearly is that you get it at a discounted price by paying annually. Take a look at some of the features offered within the membership.

5 Levels of complete training courses that take you from complete novice to online expert.

Hundreds of additional training courses covering every aspect of building an online business.

Both video and text tutorials included.

Access to the Site-Rubix website builder. This makes building a website really simple.

Everything that you need to get your website online (including website hosting!).

Online research tools that will guide you to success. Such as the WA keyword research tool, Site Content and Site comments tools.

Fast online support from both members of the community, technical experts and the owners themselves. Support is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week!

Join The Wealthy Affiliate Yearly Membership Here

Friday, January 19, 2018

Where Can I Learn About SEO?

Learning search engine optimization can be overwhelming at first. There is a lot to wrap your mind around. But becoming proficient in SEO is definitely an achievable undertaking. Teaching you everything you need to know to go from SEO newbie to doing on your own is doable but it will take some time. Rather than trying to figure it out on your own I found some training that might help you:

Search Engine Optimization - Getting Started Guide

What SEO is really.

Getting Your Site Ready for Search Engines

Setting Up Your Website - The Initial Steps

Creating Your Initial Website content

I hope you found these links useful!..

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Learn How To Drive More Traffic To Your Website With YouTube Videos

YouTube is One of the Most Effective Free Marketing Tools Online. Each day there is a video uploaded. Affiliate marketers/internet marketers are using youtube videos to drive more traffic to their websites. This can be very effective if done right

With the high cost of advertising many internet marketers are learning about as much as they can about youtube strategies. One of the best ways to learn all there is to know is to sign up for YouTube marketing training. Although there are many books written on the topic, taking a video course on how market on YouTube effectively and efficiently is the best way to learn all you need to know about using YouTube to market your business quickly.

Successful Internet Marketers and Business Owners Can Learn by Watching Videos. If you are first starting out on YouTube or are have been using it for sometime, but are not achieving the results you want, you should consider watching a YouTube training video or YouTube training videos. Training videos are much more effective than books. Another idea that you may consider is signing up for a YouTube crash course, You Tube training or watching one or more YouTube videos. By doing so, you will be on your way to learning all the YouTube secrets you need to know to make effective use of the site.

Individuals, business owners and professionals that take the time to learn from the experts will learn all they need to know about YouTube promotion and all the other video marketing secrets, including but not limited to how to get more YouTube views and how to drive YouTube traffic to your website and blogs.

Are you interested in learning on how you can drive more traffic to your websites with videos? With this online community and with the help of its training I am able to learn the steps on how to rank youtube videos.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

What is SEO and is it beneficial for every business owners?

SEO - Search Engine Optimization is a structured methodology of techniques to increase the number of visitors to a website by reaching high-ranking placement in search results page of search engines. Latest Google formula’s or algorithms are used by the spiders which are in web master guidelines that are followed particularly to give ranking to a website on SERP. We can say it by two ways:

On-page SEO is the process of optimizing all the individual web pages organically in order to get more relevant traffic and high ranking in search engines.

OFF Page SEO is a process of taking action outside of your own website to impact your rankings within search engine results pages.

SEO - Beneficial for every business owners? The Answer is Yes Well, The Business Owner must need customers to sell their products or services. To grab customers attention towards his/her business then MARKETING is required mandatory.

There are so many different types of marketing channels which can reach people easily. As in this trend people are mostly using Digital Way of Usages for their lifestyle, So Business Owners should go Digitally.

Are you looking to learn more about SEO? A lot of people as me where can I learn more about SEO. I suggest you take a serious look at the online community and training platform I found for building a business that can travel with you. It’s been a huge eye opener for me. No more excuses! Try it out, see how it fits, you’ve got nothing to lose.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

What Is The Best Way To Learn SEO?

I would have to say that there is no one way to learn SEO. I say this because there is a lot that goes into it. Some of these things are keyword research and writing quality content. I would say just get started by doing. Just start with one website or a couple of websites.

Experiment with them by changing the title tag, adding more content to some of the pages, re-optimizing. As you work on them, keep an SEO Log and write down the changes that you make and the dates that you make them. Watch how it influences rankings. If you do this diligently you will learn more from this than any reading.If you are learning you should discover that your website now sucks because your knowledge has grown. That is a great thing. Rebuild the site. You will probably be amazed with the results.

Install google analytics on these websites and become a student of the sources of traffic and the queries that people type in. When you improve a 200 word page to a 500 word page watch for the explosion of new long tail keywords that flood in. Watch how great content holds visitors and crap content bounces them.

Pick a subject that you are very familiar with and enjoy. Then create the best content on the web for that topic and post it on your site. Watch where it ranks right away (you will probably be disappointed). Check the rankings about once a week and watch what happens. You will be impressed with what happens to quality. But, be patient as this type of content rises very slowly in the SERPs -- but in 6 to 12 to 24 months you will be surprised where it ranks.

Be careful that you don't deceive yourself into thinking that your content is the best when it is merely pedestrian. Be prepared to keep it up-to-date and to improve it when someone else trumps it.

Pick a good SEO forum and visit once a day. Watch for people who come there posting titles like... "Wah! My site lost tons of traffic." Read all of those for a while and you will quickly start to see patterns. You will generally find that they have committed some type of sin, usually with links or shortcuts. Do not repeat their sins no matter how tempting. Then after each google update read the post of the people who are cryin' and you will soon learn that google is smacking down a different type of shortcut and that google rarely smacks down quality that is difficult to produce.

While you are on these forums never listen closely to all of the advice, because lots of the advice in SEO forums is really bad advice - even when it comes from gurus and oracles. Nobody understands google perfectly and most advice given is shooting from the hip with fragmentary data - especially if the advisor has not spend a lot of time on your website and studied your analytics carefully over time. Spend a couple hours a week poking into busy forums. You will learn a lot, find strong allies and trusted people who will be worth hiring for jobs where you lack expertise.

This is one way that you can get started with SEO. I know this is how I got started with SEO. As a matter of fact this online community and its training has helped me understand SEO better. You can sign up for free and give it a test drive and find out for yourself.

Monday, January 15, 2018

What is the legit way to earn money online?

This is one of the many questions that come up when looking for a way to make money online. There are so many ways to make money online some of these are:

One way is to build an email list in a niche that has lots of hungry buyers. You will need to build a website or capture page then drive traffic to it.
Of course you need to know “how” to convert the traffic with good ad copy. Once you have them in your system you will want to monetize them with offers relevant to the niche you are promoting.

This is effective but it takes a lot of work.

Affiliate Marketing - One of the easiest way to get started is through affiliate marketing. You don't need much to get started. You can even start for free. But what you really need is persistence. I say this because when you first get started with trying to make money online you will encounter a lot of terms that you will not understand. I can remember when I first started out I would read make money online forums and it was hard to figure out what advice I should follow. In reading these forums I was able to learn some techniques and apply what I learned.

If affiliate marketing is what you want to try I suggest you check out this online community and its training

Sunday, January 14, 2018

21 Reasons To Visit Hawaii Why You Should Visit Hawaii

Hawaii is amid the most stunning and active state in the union territory. It is among the most wonderful and peaceful places on the earth to live. Here are 21 reasons for you to visit Hawaii:

1. Hawaii is a superb place for your health. After all, health is the most important thing.

2. Those three words always remembered: Active Lava Flows. It is a great place to enhance the knowledge about geology by studying active volcanoes.

3. Diving and snorkelling are the few activities which are offered in Hawaii which helps to increase the knowledge about marine biology.

4. The best deals present in Hawaii are simply amazing. The deals like here have never been seen before.

5. If you a big fan of watching the nature and see the sunset and sunrises which can be seen over Pacific Ocean, then Hawaii is the best place for you.

6. If you wish to find out if the geckos actually talk or have English accents, then this is the place where you need to travel.

7. Hawaii is a great place if you desire to stargaze at any of the highest spots on earth.

8. Hawaii offers opportunities to have pleasure from sunbathe in afternoon and ski during mornings.

9. If you have desired to spend some quality time romancing with your sweetheart, then Hawaii is a perfect place as it offers beautiful and cosy beaches to get cosier.

10. The beautiful beaches provide the best place for wedding. If you are planning to renew your vows or a honeymoon, Hawaii is an amazing place.

11. The rainbows are the most beautiful thing in Hawaii.

12. The Polynesian Culture is yet another tourist attraction in Hawaii. It is a perfect place for people who have an interest in sociology.

13. Well, if you are very scared of snakes; then Hawaii is your call because it does not have any.

14. If you are diehard fan of water sports like wind surfing, kayakaying, diving, etc, then Hawaii is the most apt location for you as it offers huge number of waters sports to the people.

15. The Hawaiian Beaches are simply amazing. It has some of the most fantastic beaches on the earth.

16. The climate at Hawaii is almost perfect for any vacation. It is not very sunny and humid. It is mostly pleasant due to rain.

17. Aloha spirit is animate and superb in Hawaii link no other location in the universe.

18. Aloha spirit is also carried on the roads of Hawaii. It is always a great pleasure to drive on the roads of Hawaii as there is no hurry, no honk.

19. The people in Hawaii are very friendly which makes this place very welcoming and peaceful. This is a great reason for so many people regularly visiting this place.

20. If you love to hike and wish to see some of the best views; Hawaii is what you have always longed for.

21. And lastly, the reason you should visit Hawaii is that you deserve a good vacation.

Thus, you have no excuse to leave out such an amazing place while planning for a vacation!

If you like to someday travel the world and fire your boss it'll take work. Stop believing that you can't do it and listening to the naysayers. I suggest you take a look at the online community and training platform I found for building an online business that can travel with you. I suggest you create a free account and give it a test drive.