Friday, August 18, 2017

How To Build A Free Website Online

There are many reasons why you want to build a free website online. It could be that you would like to promote your own business or share your life with friends and family. Doing this takes some work but if you have free time and a small budget you could have a website up and running within a few days.

Domain Name - The first thing you need to do is decide on a domain name. Your domain is your sites address. I would try to keep the domain name short as it will be easier to remember. You can buy your domain name and hosting with separate companies or you could use one company to do both as you would be saving money.

Creating Your Site This is the most time consuming part in building your website. It used to be back in the day you would rely on HTML and you would have to code by hand and it would take hours to complete. These days most website plat forums are drag and drop. You can literally build a website in 30 seconds.

Aside from just creating your site di you know that you could build your website and make money from it? Its called affiliate marketing. This is where you sign up with affiliate programs and you promote the companies products. If a person comes to your website and purchases one of your products through your affiliate link you get a commission out of it. Usually for affiliate programs the commissions vary. So if you have an interest or a passion you could make a full time living from it.

Learn More Here You can sign up for a free account to check it out.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Want To Escape The Rat Race? - Live Your Life On Your Own Terms!

Are you looking to escape the rat race? How much money would you be happy making? How does $500 a month sound? $5000 a month? $10,000 a month? Did you know that you could turn your passions or interests into a profitable business? If you are tired of working those long hours and not being able to spend the time with your family or having the freedom to do what you want the I highly recommend you join wealthy affiliate and take back your life.

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Sunday, August 6, 2017

How to Create a Free Website - It's Easy and Looks Professional

There was a time when most technically savvy people dreamed of having their name published over the Internet. Today, with the advent of social media, this has become a reality. Nearly everyone has one or more social media accounts. So now the dream has shifted to having one's own site, a place where we can be ourselves, a place where we can express ourselves and our talents, and a place where we can show our achievements to the world. But with the advent of free web builders, the dream can become a reality. You can create your free website! But is it really possible? Yes, it is. Let's take a look at how we can achieve that.

Do the research: The first step for creating a professional-looking site is to do the research and locate all available options. Your research should find out the web builders that provide free services along with details of the things that are free. For example, the some site builders would remain free for just one month and others would offer limited features for no cost at all. You need to map out such details so that you know exactly what you are getting. This research would help you determine the web builder that would be the best to create your free website.

Select the appropriate web builder: After completing your research, do some brainstorming and determine exactly what you want. Here, it is a good idea to make a list of the talents, services, products, or achievements that you want to showcase. Then list down at least three ways in which each of these can be achieved on the Internet. Next, determine the people who you want to target and research their likes and dislikes. These likes and dislikes are usually based on age groups and profession. After all this is complete, select the best methods to showcase your content to your target audience. This will generate a list of must-have features of your website. Finally, match these features against the web builders to shortlist the ones that would be best suited to create your free website.

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Secrets To Making Money Online

There is not really any secrets to making money online but in this blog post I am going to go over some things that you need to realize when starting out.

1. Stop looking for a push button solution - There are people out there that are selling you these push button solutions. It doesn't exist. If It was that easy everyone would be doing it. This could be a piece of software that they are selling that promises you to make you rich. I am pretty sure you have come across these sales pages and the first thing you see is fancy cars and houses and a snapshot of their so called income that are in the thousands. Then they say all you need to do is buy this program or software and you will be rich overnight.

The funny thing is say you do buy this program. What it really is its just the "basic" program so in order for you to get into the meat and potato's of what the program is all about you have to spend more money and then they sell you upsell after upsell. Everyday there are products like this.

Making money online is possible and there are REAL ways that you can make money. You just need to get the right training and put in the work to see results.

If this is something that interest's you have a look at wealthy affiliate. Its a site that will teach you how you can build your own online business.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Why People Fail To Make Money Online - The Answer Is Easy

There are a ton of make money online products out there and most of then are a bit misleading and some are a downright absolute scam. In this blog post I will explain some of the reasons why people fail to make money online.

1. The guru's - There are many guru's pushing these make money online products. the problem is they want you to believe that you can make 10,000 a month with a click of a button. Its not going to happen. These guru's play on your emotions and the funny thing is these people probably don't know how to use the product that they are selling in the first place.

2. People expect Quick Results - So when people start out with this make money online venture they think of instant results. Ok I get it we have the ability to instant message people anywhere in the world. we can get in touch with friends with out smartphones ect.. things happen quickly now. If you are looking to start an online business do not expect quick results. It takes persistence, time and patience.

3. You Fail Because You Quit - How long does it take a person who just is learning to be a chef to open up their own restaurant? You may think that is an unfair comparison but it is still relevant to either succeeding or failure. If you were to look at all of the successful online entrepreneurs, Bezos, Gates, Zuckerberg and others, none of them made a lot of money right away.

Though they are billionaires now they were poor and struggling their first year or two of their online businesses. Why are they billionaires now? Because despite of the learning curve they had to go through and the countless days of setbacks, they have one thing in common – they did not quit.

If you want to know why people fail to make money online, even after choosing a proven opportunity like affiliate marketing, it is because they quit when the going gets tough. If you do not want to fail when starting your own internet business you MUST realize that this journey is a long-term endeavor.

So if you are Serious about making money online and want to be able to work in your PJ's then do yourself a favor make this a commitment and put in the time and hard work to make this happen so you could have the freedom for yourself and spend more time with your family.

Monday, July 31, 2017

First $500 month

Wealthy Affiliate member Craig is from the UK he tried affiliate marketing with another program but wasn't successful. He hoped that following wealthy affiliates training that he would be able to make some money. Here is one of the posts made his first $500 dollar month.

Finally cracked it today on the last day of the month!

Not including any further sales today my earnings have come from the following:
IPTV subscriptions $443

Amazon $39

Shareasale $8

VPN subscriptions $11

Last few months have gone like this>>>

$150 > $343 > $440 > $501 (this month)

It has taken me almost 11 months to reach this milestone. My next milestone is $1000 at 18 months. I hope you can take some inspiration from this.

FYI - I have 167 posts and 8 pages on my website. Daily traffic average 200.

Onwards and upwards!!


Friday, July 28, 2017

Work At Home For Moms - Endless Opportunities

When I talk about working homes for moms I'm not talking about data entry or being a customer service representative. I'm not saying that these are good options. But I would like to think that moms would like a little more than just doing some data entry job. Even if you are doing data entry you are still an employee. Also you will still have set time when you work and its a little bit more flexible. Plus there are other jobs like article writer or a proof reader.

All of these jobs are good but what I'm talking about is a mom building there own online business from the comfort of their home. Do you have a passion or a hobby? You can build a website out of it and make it your fulltime income. Its called Affiliate Marketing.

Ok so what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is basically promoting other companies products for a commission. There are thousand of affiliate programs out there that you can join and start promoting their products. Most affiliate programs are free to join and some programs pay out high commissions.

You Are Not A Sales Person - Despite what many people believe you don’t have to become a sales person to be a successful affiliate marketer.

You see by simply talking about your hobby or passion and sharing resources – which are the products/services of the companies you’re affiliate with

This natural conversation of sharing what you love to do will translate into sales which in turn can create a full time online income.

In fact you’re doing this all the time. Have you gone to a restaurant or got a great deal some place? Sure you have. And have you told your friends about this restaurant or this great deal you got? Yes you have.

So you’re recommending this restaurant or great deal to your friends. And then your friends check things out and benefit from your recommendation.

Well ta da, that’s affiliate marketing – the only difference is you’re not getting paid a referral fee from the restaurant you recommended or the place you got the great deal from.

How Can I Get Started?

Here is what you will need:

What is your niche? You will need to identify what your niche is

A Website/Blog - This is your hub for business

Driving traffic to your website

Making Money through your affiliate program

Proper Training - You need to get the proper step by step training for a thriving business.

Making Money online and building a thriving online business is not really that complicated. It is completely up you how much you want to make. It all depends on hard work and being persistent.