Thursday, July 27, 2017

Learn About Affiliate Marketing - The 5 Most Common Questions Asked

There are so many people out there that want to know what affiliate marketing is all about. I know this because I see some common questions being asked all the time. So I thought I would turn this into a blog post.

Here are the most common questions asked about affiliate marketing

1. What Is Affiliate Marketing? I simple terms it means promoting other companies products for a commission. When someone comes and visits your site and buts something you get a percentage of the sale.

2. How Much Does It Cost To Join An Affiliate Program? It costs nothing to join an affiliate program

3. Where Do I Find Reputable Affiliate Programs? Just like anything online you need to do some research. There are thousands of affiliate programs out there. Just about any product has an affiliate program. Lets just say you want to look for a weight loss program so it would look something like this:

Weigh Loss + Affiliate Program.

There are 2 types of affiliate programs In-house affiliate programs and 3rd party affiliate programs:

In-house This is an affiliate program that is managed by the merchant themselves. So this means that they handle all of the tracking, affiliate tools, and with payments.

3rd Party A third party network handles all the affiliate payments. It also takes care of all the tracking and reporting. The third party network also receives a small commission from the merchant for each transaction. So third party networks are very diligent when it comes to tracking, reporting and maintaining affiliate relationships. 

4. How Much Money Can I Make? It varies from person to person but it is dependent on you how much effort you put into it. Affiliate income is pretty much unlimited.

5. What Is the Best Way To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing? Before I answer this question I want to tell you that making money online is not some "get rich" quick thing. It is possible but do you have a very very strong desire to succeed? I ask you this because I know many people who have attempted to make money online and they quit before they even started. So be honest with yourself.

Do you want to have the freedom to work and do what you want?

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Monday, July 24, 2017

Best Internet Marketing Training Program - What to Look For

Are you looking to get involved in the exciting world of online marketing? Are you looking for the best internet marketing training program available? If you are having troubles trying to decide which learning platform you should go with I really think I can help, as I was once asking myself the exact same question.

I have done research, and have pointed many others to the best internet marketing training program available. I get calls all of the time now from friends and new business acquaintances thanking me for helping the get started on the right path, and it is a good feeling. No matter what you have read or heard, it is totally possible for ANYONE to learn how to make some money online.

There are certain things you should look for when trying to choose the best internet marketing training program. A few things to look for are:

-Training Materials



-And others

Up to date, top of the line training is mandatory. If you are going to be successful, you need the right information. The best programs will have tools that online marketers use on a daily basis, much like a carpenters tool belt. Also, having support, and others to turn to for help when you feel stuck or overwhelmed is an invaluable asset, and only the BEST training programs offer stuff like this.

Simply put, a top of the line program from 2 years ago may be completely outdated, and of almost no use to you today. That is not to say it was a poor product then. Look for a program that offers regular updates to the training materials. And sites that only offer information are not going to help yo in the long run. Find somewhere that is your one stop shop for all things internet marketing.

Looking for the best internet marketing training program can be a difficult time. That much I know. Thankfully, I have found what I was looking for and I feel the sky is the limit. This feeling is something anyone with the desire to learn internet marketing can do.


Friday, July 21, 2017

What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Does It Work

For those who are just getting started online and want to get an understanding of what affiliate marketing is I will attempt to explain it to you as simple as possible so here we go..

Affiliate marketing is basically promoting other companies products for a commission. So lets just say for example the sneaker company Nike. If I wanted to promote one of their sneakers or clothing gear I would sign up with their affiliate program and they would give me a special link. Now if someone comes to my site and clicks on that link and buys through that link I get a commission out of the sale. This is a pretty simple overview of what happens. Here is a video breakdown of how the process works.

Now there are tons and tons of products that you can promote. One of the easiest ways is to go to a site like they sell over 10,000 digital products. Clickbank is not the only place that you can find products. Amazon has an affiliate program and just about any product that you can think of has an affiliate program.

There are many ways to promote a product, but the most common ways are through blogging / article marketing involving seo, video marketing, social media and paid advertising. Most people have a preference in terms of what promotional method they adopt primarily because each requires a certain commitment to get it working correctly.

Back a few years ago it was very easy to rank a website with barley any website content on it. But google started to catch on and now the focus is on quality content rather than black hat methods. So basically what you need to do is find a quality product and produce good quality content and over time google will start to notice your site. But for the most part people will fail because they jump from one method to the next and not sticking to ONE method and working it.

I am currently promoting a product and you can too. If you are interested you can join me here

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

This Is What Organic Rankings in Google Can Look Like Over Time

Veronica has been a wealthy affiliate member for 9 years. In one of her post she writes what happens with your google rankings if you stick with it and give it time.

If you are relying on organic rankings and traffic, it can be rough in the beginning when you see little results.

I just want to share one picture with you and show you what this organic ranking journey can look like…

This is one of my sites, that gets 90% of the traffic from Google and other search engines.

The site is 2 years and 3 months old, sounds like one of my babies lol.

I started out submitting 2 posts weekly. Now I submit 3 – 4 posts, (most of it outsourced content). This is helpful content on a regular basis, no secrets no hype, content that ranks and over time grow.


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Looking For Pocket Money Or To Run A Real Online Business?

So are you looking for pocket money or are you looking to run a real online business? When I first started online this question usually crossed my mind. I always thought about making enough money to make a fulltime living online but never thought it was possible.

Yes I have seen all of the sales pages that you can make money with a push of a button. I never fell for those false promises. Until I actually made money online then I would know that this "make money online thing" was real. You just had to find the right opportunity and work at it.

So this is really a big deal – finding the right opportunity – that is, because the right opportunity could mean the different between earning pocket money as opposed to a full-time income. So with that being said:

What is the Difference Between Earning Pocket Money And A Real Business? So a lot of people who are looking to make money online look for the paid surveys. There are a lot of those paid surveys online the problem is you won't make a lot of money doing it. You might make $1 or $2 dollars a survey. This might be ok if you are looking for a little pocket money but not building a real online business.

If you are looking to build a real online business you would have to look elsewhere.

How Do You Find A Model That Works? - There’s one thing that I found on the Internet when I started to search for a way to make a full-time living online and that was, there is no shortage of ways to make money online.

In fact having too many options is counter-productive, because it makes choosing that much more difficult. What’s more, every man and their dog seem to say that their business opportunity is the best, which can make choosing a darn sight harder.

I know this first hand, having tried a number of these opportunities out first hand, but once you find a really good opportunity then the next step is to become productive in that opportunity.

How Can I Get Started? The internet has made it so easy to start an online business these days that you could virtually start a business with next to no investment relatively speaking.

In the past it would cost potential business owners hundreds if not thousands of dollars to get a business off the ground, which is a big investment, however these days you can set an online business up for as little as $10 for a domain name and $50 per month for hosting. So $60 bucks compared to thousands, which limits the risk substantially.

So getting a domain name and hosting is the first to start, but isn’t there a step missing?
Yes, that would be what to base your business on.

As I discussed earlier, look at what you’re passionate about. So if this is something that you want to do have a look at wealthy affiliate. You can sign up for free to check it out.


Monday, July 17, 2017

$5k per mo is possible - Follow the training and you'll get results

Bthiel joined wealthy affiliate in late 2013. Since then he has grown a single niche site to the point of earning well over 5k per month.

I recently re-subbed and I've decided to drop a bit of inspiration for anyone who might be needing it.

I've been away from WA since last August or so, and some crazy things have happened since then.

What you're going to see/read shouldn't be taken as gloating or bragging, but simply as an example of what's possible (after time) when you follow the training that's been laid out for you here, and also what could happen if you don't.

Oh, something to keep in mind before we jump in: It doesn't really matter what you sell, it matters how you sell it.

When I first joined WA back in 2013, I had absolutely no clue what I was doing and zero idea of what was even possible. I thought making $500 /mo in residual income would be expecting too much, boy was I wrong.

Fast forward 3 years, and here's a screenshot showing my first month earning over $5K using a single site. Anyone who uses Amazon to monetize will probably recognize the graph.


Sunday, July 16, 2017

Can You Really Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Can you really make money with affiliate marketing? The answer is yes affiliate programs can earn you a short term income and in some cases a full time income form home. Making a fulltime income from affiliate marketing is a little more complicated. Its not what you choose to make money its rather that you do whatever it takes to make this work and you do it consistently.

Affiliate marketing is an ideal ways to start a home business because there are no start up costs and you don't need to produce, stock, or ship product inventory. You are basically paid for by referring people and promoting other peoples products for a commission.

The Reality Of Affiliate Marketing

The problem with affiliate marketing is that there are too many so-called "guru's" out there that promise you that affiliate marketing can be done with little or no effort. Chances are you probably have read sales pages that claim you can make hundreds or thousands of dollars overnight without putting in any effort.

The reality with affiliate marketing is with any business you start weather its online or off its up to YOU to make it work. It all depends on how much effort you put into it. It works you just need to be consistent. The sad truth is not many people stick with it long enough to see results. But Here are some tips:

The Pros Of Affiliate Marketing

1. Low cost to get started. Most affiliate programs are free to join, so your costs are usually related to your referral/marketing methods.

2.No need to create a product or service.

3.Don't have to stock or ship products.

4.Work anytime and from anywhere as long as you have Internet access.

5. Passive income potential depending on how you market your affiliates programs.

6. Can be added on to current home business to create an additional income stream. It's ideal for bloggers, coaches, information entrepreneurs, and anyone who has a website. 

The Cons Of Affiliate Marketing

It can take time to generate the amount of traffic needed to result in income.

Affiliate hijacking can occur in which you're not given credit for your referral. URL masking can help.

A bad affiliate can ruin your credibility. It's important that you choose quality businesses to work with to avoid this.
No control over the businesses product, service, or how it does business.

Some companies have been known not to pay, although there are ways to screen and choose quality affiliate programs.

High competition. When you find a great program, you can bet that many others are promoting it as well.

Customer belongs to the merchant. Your stats will let you know how many sales where made of what product, but in most cases, you'll have no information about who made the purchase, which makes it difficult to market for re-sales.

Get The Right Training

Affiliate marketing is not really that hard. Like I said before its up you to put in the work to see results. You just need the right training. If this is something that would be interested in doing check out wealthy affiliate.

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