Saturday, April 26, 2014

How To Start An Online Business

Nowadays many people are looking for ways to make extra money. So they start searching online and they find out that you can start your own online business and make money online. The problem is they don't know where to start. There are many ways that you can make money online but if you are just starting out you need to ask yourself WHY you want to start your own online business? Perhaps its because you want to quit your day job or you want extra money so you can buy that new car that you've always wanted. So many people want to make money online but most of them don't take it seriously.

So here are 7 steps to starting an online business:

1.Concept/Idea: This is a key part as you need to have a feasible idea for your online business as well as a Unique Selling Point. From the two examples, the single mum might have her own product but if not can become an affiliate for an existing product with potential; also, the high street shop owner can set an 'online shop'.

2.Domain Name and Web Hosting: The domain name is like your 'tag' so selecting a good domain name that is both memorable and search engine friendly is key to developing an Internet business. It is also extremely important to find a reliable web hosting company that can cater for your needs.

3.Website Design: The website is what the Internet is all about and needs to sell your business. Either design it yourself or commission someone else.

4.Marketing: I won't elaborate on the importance of a sound marketing plan, but a lot of time and research needs to go developing a great marketing plan that will target your potential audience.

5.Building a Customer Database: One of the best things about an Internet Business is that you get easily traceable results; a decent online business, along with its marketing plan will be able to track its customers and then capture their details so as to build a list.

6.Building Relationships and Repeat Business: It is a known fact that a customer that has bought from you before is more than likely to buy again, if satisfied. You need to build a good rapport with the customers so as to gain their trust and hence repeat business.

7.Test, Refine and Reinvest: The online business owner needs to be constantly testing its effectiveness of the website and more importantly its marketing plan, refine it needed and then reinvest a portion of the profits to further build the business and/or create new products.

The steps above are not exhaustive but merely give a good outline on how to start an online business.

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Is Internet Marketing A Good Career?

Is internet marketing a good career? In this blog post I am going to go over some reasons why I think internet marketing is a good career. I would like to say that making money online is possible but many people quit before getting started. Before getting started you need to have these things.

The Right Mindset - Many people who want to make money online see all these fancy sales pages seeing the big houses, the big money and the fancy cars on the page. If you are going to make internet marketing a career you need to take it seriously. Its just like if you were going to start a business offline you need to do it online. Having the right mindset is important.

Coming Up With A Plan - It would also be a good idea before you get started have a plan in place. You plan doesn't have to be the right plan just have an idea of what you want to do. This way you can look for a specific way of making money online. Also by having a plan you won't be looking around foolishly. There are many ways that you can make money online but come up with a plan and stick with it.

So is internet marketing a good career? I would say yes here is why:

1. You get to be your own boss - You get to work when you want. You won't have to be ruled by an alarm clock. Plus you can spend more time with your family and have more freedom to do what you want.

2. No need to handle products - You don't need to handle products physically. You act as a "middleman" its the merchant who sends the product to the customer. You do this by signing up with affiliate programs. There are many affiliate programs out there.

3. Unlimited Earning Potential - When you are working for yourself you get to keep 100% of the profits. When you are working for someone else your "boss" is the only one getting rich. By working for yourself you are not letting someone else dictate how much your worth.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Making Money Online

There are many make money online products these days. Many people want to make money online for a variety of reasons. Maybe its because they hate their boss or job maybe they want to spend more time with their family or maybe they want the freedom of being their own boss.

Making Money Online Products - Trying to find the right product so you can make money online isn't going to be easy. Its going to take some time to find the right product. You can start by doing a google search but its not really going to help you because there are many products out there that claim that you can make money overnight. It doesn't work like that. Just like if you owned a business offline it takes the same amout of effort online. If it was that easy everyone would be doing it.

Getting The Right Training - If you do some thorough research there are legit programs out there. If you are just starting out with making money online I would look for the type og training that will show you in a step by step fashion on how to make money online. There are many products that are out there that tell you how to make money online but they don't show you.

Making money online is possible but it takes hard work and persistence. If making money online is something that you want to do I suggest you have a look at the Chris Farrell Membership

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

5 Steps On How To Build An Online Business

Building a new business is a challenge for anyone, but an online business faces a particular hurdle because it can be difficult to attract attention in a field that is already crowded with other companies. Successfully starting and building an online business requires time and creative marketing efforts. It also requires a website that is optimized to be as simple and memorable as possible.

1. Register the shortest and most memorable domain name possible. If you advertise your website on television or radio, getting responses will depend on a potential customer being able to remember the name of the website and type it the next time she is in front of her computer. If you have a domain name that is too long, you may lose potential sales. If you are unable to register the domain name that you want, you may be able to purchase it from the person who registered it last.

2. Design a website that is attractive, but simple to use without looking for a "Help" page. Your website's layout should be intuitive; avoid complex navigation forcing visitors to find the help page, because most people will find another website rather than asking for help.

3. Promote your website in creative ways. If your website depends on local business, ask other business owners if you can leave business cards in their stores. If geographic location is not a concern for you, find a small item to bundle free with each purchase for the first 100 customers. Unless you have a product that no one else sells, any online business is certain to face heavy competition. Find a way to stand out.

4. Connect your business to Facebook, Twitter or a networking site in the niche of your product or service. Social networks are resources that you can use to get feedback directly from your customers, and happy customers are likely to spread the word to their other online friends. Free classified ad websites such as Craigslist can also increase your website's exposure.

5. Start a blog or publish related informational content on your website. For example, if you sell computer hardware, you can start a blog to review the latest processors and graphics cards, or publish how-to articles about how to repair or upgrade different types of computers. Adding content to your website increases the chance that people will find it in search engines. Competent information builds trust with your potential customers.

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