Sunday, December 1, 2013

How I Got Started Making Money Online

Making money online is possible but I see questions like:

"Can you really make money online"
"All this make money online stuff is a scam"
"Stop wasting your time making money online does not work"

Making money online is possible but you really need to be dedicated. Many people who try this make money online thing out don't take ist seriously or they jump from one thing to another and they wonder why they are not seeing any money.

When I first tried this make money online thing out I didn't really have any help other than forums. I signed up with make money/internet marketing forums and then I started reading and taking notes. It was hard at first because there is so much information.

It took a while for me to put all the pieces together. But when I started I started using free methods. Like this blogger blog.

I started out I had no money so I used a free site like squidoo. I used this squidoo page as my "money page" and I drove traffic to this site by writing articles directing them back to my lens.

You can see how to make money with squidoo here.

By doing this I was making money but nothing to rave about. If you are just starting out and have no money I suggest you use free methods. Keep in mind that its going to take patience on your part to see results.

While using free methods works I was looking for a program that is more structured. I was looking for a program that would show you step by step on how to build a real online business. I found that program in the Chris Farrell Membership

I was skeptical at first because you always here about scams online. But I decided to give it a shot and here is what I found:

If you are just starting out making money online this is a great program to start out with. I wish I had found this program first rather than taking all that time figuring stuff out on my own.

Chris shows you step by step how to build a business from scratch. I would also like to say that most of his teaching is done through video so if you don't like to read text this might be for you.

To finish up this post like I said before if you are just starting out making money online with is a great program to start out with.

Click Here For The Chris Farrell Membership

Saturday, November 30, 2013

How To Start An Online Business As An Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to begin your business. It is very cost effective to begin and has great potential for earnings. Affiliate marketing is a great way to start off your business by earning some capital to begin your enterprise. Once you are starting to earn you can develop your business knowing you have a good source of income

Here are some steps to help you to begin:

1. Choosing an affiliate program: You will need to join a few affiliate programs. You can join an affiliate network like Commission Junction or individual companies.
2. Decide which affiliate programs will have products and services that match your current market. Try to target this well, as you will sell more when you pinpoint the right market. Try to choose niche markets for greater profits.
3. You will be given a link to promote. It is wise to disguise this to prevent affiliate hijacking.
4. There are several ways to market your sponsor’s product or service.

a. Direct marketing: Advertising on related websites and targeted publications. Pay-Per-Click campaigns like Google Adwords.
b. Passive marketing: submission to search engines
c. Social marketing: MySpace, Utube, Forums and business networks etc. You cannot advertise here, just post and use your email signature file, with your URL.
d. Your newsletter: Offer a free newsletter and build your opt-in list.

Affiliate marketing is the cheapest, and in some ways the easiest way to start your online business. All you need to do is to pre sell your visitors and get them to click through to your sponsor’s site. Their sales page does the selling and you collect your commission. Everybody is happy and you can snowball your profits to invest in your business development. In this way you can build your business faster, knowing you have a good income coming in.

If you are just starting out with affiliate marketing I have found a program that will teach you step by step how to build an online business. Click Here for the Chris Farrell Membership.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

What Is The Chris Farrell Membership?

If you have come across this blog post you are probably wondering what the chris farrell membership is all about. I am going to explain some questions you may have about this program.

What is the chris farrell membership? - The chris farrell membership is a program that will teach you the steps to build a business online. Chris will walk you through the steps that he took to make a full time living online. This
program is designed for people who have no expierence with making money online.

Who is chris farrell? Chris is an ordinary british guy who had a burning desire to make a fulltime living online. For him it was tough at first because he didn't have anyone to show him the exact steps to mkae money online. I would like to add that he almost quit but he didn't. Within the first 6 months he was able to make $250 dollar days consistantly. Within nine months he had his first $1000 dollar day.

What is included in the chris farrell membership?

•Video tutorial training designed for beginners.
•Full 24-7 Customer Support.
•Forums to ask questions to other users.
•The ability to make money from the program.
•Free websites and hosting.
•A bunch of tools and resources (video tools, webinar tools, graphic library)

Most of chris farrells teaching is done through video so you will be able to look over his shoulder. For me personally I prefer video rather than text. Also if you don't understand the technical stuff you don't have to worry as chris was in this position before and he understands how fustrating it can be. He will walk you through this.

Some of the training topics:

1.How to Make Money Online.
2.5 Skills You Need to Know.
3.Creating Your Website (1+2).
4.21 Days to Success.
5.A Full Traffic Course (with multiple lessons).
6.How to Use Social Networks Course (how to benefit from Facebook).
7.How to Create an E-book.
8.Many, Many More

The Pros and Cons of the chris farrell membership:


•Great amount of training.
•Full Customer Support 24/7.
•Forums to ask other members questions.
•The ability to learn and earn.
•Great successful creator


•Some training is outdated.
•The Customer Support is not from the creator himself.
•Not updating enough.

What is the price? The price is 37.00 per month or you can pay for the year at $297.00 keep in mind that if you pay monthy you will have to pay for your own hosing. For the yearly price the hosting is included.

My Final Thoughts.. - This is a good program if you know nothing about how to make money online. Like I said before he will show you the steps that you will need.

Here is a look inside:

Join the chris farrell membership here

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How To Start An Online Business

Are you looking to start an online business from scratch? If you have come across this article chances are you are looking for a way to start your own online business. Starting your own online business can be done but it will take some hard work on your part. In this article I am going to explain the steps I took to start making money online.

1. Find Your Passion - When I first started online I really didn't know where to begin. I started to read discussion forums about affiliate marketing. It took me a while to put the pieces together because the word affiliate marketing is such a broad term that you don't really know what you want to do. I soon figured out that there was a lot more to this "affiliate marketing thing" There are sub catagories like keyword research, list building, getting traffic to your site, search engine optimization, Pay per click advertising ect.

I can tell you that if you are looking to start your own online business pick a subject that you enjoy. This way when it comes to building out your site you won't be stuck on topics to write about. When I first started out I picked products that everyone else was promoting. That was a big mistake. why? It was a mistake because there was too much competition and I didn't really like writing on the subject.

Like I said I started trying to figure this "internet marketing thing" all on my own. I was able to do it but it took me a while to put all the pieces together to put a plan in place. This leads me to my next point:

2. Getting Yourself A Mentor - If I had to start all over again I would find myself a mentor. If you are brand spanking new to this internet marketing thing by getting yourself a mentor will cut down on the learning curve. Don't just pick any mentor though. Pick a mentor on a topic that you want to learn about. For example if you want to learn about list building get a mentor for that. Make sure that he can back up his claims that he is making money doing what he says. I say this because there are alot of scams out there.

In conclusion - Like I said you can make money learning this stuff on your own but you would be better off with a mentor. It will just cut down on your fustration. I know when I first started I was frustrated trying to figure all this stuff out. It was not until I found a mentor and everything became much clearer.

If starting you own online business is something you want to do I suggest you take a look at The Chris Farrell Membership.

Monday, October 28, 2013

How to Start an Online Business From Scratch

The Internet has made it much easier for people to work from home. There are many opportunities to work for established businesses, but others are starting their own online business. The startup costs are low since expenses such as office space and costs associated with such businesses are non-existent. Many business owners work from their own kitchen tables. Here's how to start your own online business.

1. Start with a business idea. Many people make the big mistake of creating a wonderful website, but their ideas gets lost in the mix. Even though it's online, the basic rules of business apply. You must sell a product or service and keep your customers happy.

2. Register and purchase an appropriate domain name. Your domain name is your calling card. Make sure it's catchy and adequately describes your online business

3. Find a reputable hosting company. Having a wonderful idea with a catchy domain name means absolutely nothing if your web-hosting company is not reliable. The last thing you need is for your website to be down at your busiest times. Price may be important when looking for a hosting company, but reliability is essential. An unreliable hosting company costs you money in the long run.

4. Design an intuitive site. Your website is your storefront. Make sure it is easy to navigate. Your customers can lose interest if they have to spend too time trying to figure out where things are. Make it easy to navigate.

5.Market your site and develop a customer base. Traffic is key to online businesses. Submit your site to online search engines to help generate traffic. Even though you are running an online business, don't forget to hand out business cards and market offline too.

If this is something that you want to consider doing I suggest you check out the Chris Farrell Membership

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Build A Free Website Online

If you are reading this blog post chances are you are looking to build your own free website.

Why Build A Website? - Everyday there are many websites being built online. Many people build a website for fun and there are many companies that build a website for an online presence. There are many free website builders online. Most of the time, free website creators would only let you make websites either by downloading their web design software or through the online process; they do not offer free web and domain hosting. In this case, you will have to scour the internet for free web and domain hosting services. Once you have found a reputable one, just give them your finished website and they will take care of publishing it in the World Wide Web. As for having a domain name (which is actually the first step in creating a website), some website builders allows domain name configuration; that is, if you had a domain name before, you may use it for your current website. Apparently, most new websites need to register their domain names. Domains which are given for free by website builders can be just okay except when you prefer to make it a separate entity or simply brand your site.

Create A Free Website By Clicking Here

So back to creating a free website, you can customize it to suit your preferences. For personal use, you may opt for a hip theme with all the necessary applets, widgets and the likes. There are plenty of tools that can be used into your website for free. Some free website builders offer larger space for multimedia functions such as photo and video uploads. On the other hand, a website meant for business should appear sophisticated yet easy to navigate. Potential visitors do not want so many "blings" that they'll end up wondering what the website is there for. A good-looking business website is the one that has a minimalist style but tends to emphasize the products and services it offers. Remember, you are not going to be like "Hey, I did this I'm so cool", but rather, "Come and take a look on my stuffs". Impressions are for the internet savvy, while a business website concentrates on more elaborate matters.

If you are dead serious in having an internet presence, we recommend that you build a free website online. It's easy, and it's good for those who are just starting out in the internet. It can also be fun as well.

Create A Free Website By Clicking Here

Sunday, September 1, 2013

How To Make Money Online - The Process Explained

When people start out trying to make money online they know its possible. There are many ways that you can make money online. The problem is for the beginner who is starting out they don't know the process of how this whole "make money online thing" works. I have found a video for you that will explain the process in general terms.

Click Here To View The Video

Saturday, August 31, 2013

How To Find A Profitable Niche

If you are just starting online many people get stuck at finding a niche.

What is a niche exactly? In simple terms its an audience. I see this question all the time in surfing discussion forums. "I can't find a niche" Well now you don't have to worry. I have been doing some surfing of my own and I found a video that explains how to find a profitable niche in more detail click on this link to view the video

6 Ways to Make Money with Your Wordpress Blog

So you have your word press blog set up. But how can you make money with your blog? I see this question all the time in discussion forums. There are many ways that you can make money online with your blog. Some of them are through adsense, signing up with affiliate programs, or you could even build a site and flip it for profit just like real estate. But in this case it is called "virtual real estate.

This link here will explain in more detail how you can make money with your wordpress site.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How Does Google Rank Websites

There has been a lot of confusion on how google ranks your website nowadays. In this blog post I am going to go over how google ranks its websites and what is it looking for. I'm going to answer a few common questions and clarify how Ranking Algorithms work and what Google does and doesn't do.

Let's Talk about Backlinks

Backlinks are a hot topic because everywhere you look uninformed and inexperienced "Guru's" are telling you that you need back links, no wait, now you don't need back links, no wait....backlinks will kill your business...umm...

In other words, they have no idea what they are talking about...and have never known what they are talking about :)

There was a phase a few years ago when a backlink counted as a lot of weight and the more back links you had from relevant websites, the higher you would rank. Google quickly caught on to this hole in their ranking system and changed things up and many people lost their rankings. People all over the place were losing traffic, and their businesses were in jeopardy Of couse, all of the Guru products that pushed backlinks went under and the people promoting them changed their view yet again!!!

What Google changed however, is where the confusion comes in.

Read The Rest Of The Article

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How To Start Affiliate Marketing Online

There are many ways that you can start making money online but one of the best ways is with affiliate marketing. There are many people today who are making a full time living from the comfort of their own home. In this blog post I am going to show you can become an affiliate marketer. It doesn't take that much capital to get started either. All you need is hosting a domain name and a website.

Sign up with affiliate programs
- One of the first things you must do is sign up with affiliate programs. There are literally thousands of products you can choose from. I suggest that you pick products that you are familiar with so you will be able to come up with content on your site. Some of the affiliate programs that you can sign up for are, commission ect.. these are just a few off the top of my head but whatever your interests are more that likely their is an affiliate program for it.

Take Advantage of the free training that is available - Most affiliate programs are free and they will help you get started. They also provide you with the affiliate tools that you need to get started. Some of these things are landing pages, articles, keywords, affiliate banners.

Do your research and come up with a plan - You don't need a solid plan right away but at least have an idea of what you want to do. The thing I would do is get myself the right training. By doing this it will cut down on your learning curve. Most people when they start out don't know where to begin or start. Thus they buy product after product and don't get anywhere. If you treat this "make money online thing" like a hobby you will get some results but if you treat it like a business you could be making a full time income online. It all depends on the effort you put into it.

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Friday, May 10, 2013

How does affiliate marketing work, and how do people make money from it?

There are various types of affiliate marketing "techniques" to make money, but the most common way is to join a company's affiliate program and start getting people to go to their website through link you may have on either a basic website, blog, or social media site etc... The links that you provide for people click on to go to an affiliate company's site tell the affiliate vendor's what web site sent them the customer and will track how much commission the affiliate marketer will get (which usually based on sales) and will send payment to the affiliate who directed the customer to them.

Many affiliates who are profitable at this business will use their websites to harvest emails "legitimately" first. They do this by providing good content on their sites that readers are interested in. They then will ask for an email address to which they might send a free e-book, have a newsletter to subscribe too, or perhaps have a very educational video that can be watched. Many good marketers will then send good legitimate content to their potential customers that is useful to them, then "soft sell" sell them a product that will give them a commission for sending their buyer to the seller's site.

The Super Basic Steps of Affiliate marketing in 5 steps:

1. Put up a website
2. Sign up for an affiliate program that you feel has products that you have the ability to promote well
3. Add the affiliate links that are provided from the affiliate program you signed up with to your website.
4. Continuously work to Optimize your site to be found in the major search engines and get visitors
5. Find more products and keep promoting and building your site

Affiliate marketing is a REAL business. If you take it seriously and work hard at it, I honestly feel anyone can succeed. It's hard work, but well worth it. I heard that 99% who attempt internet business of people never make any money, and it's mostly because they quit too soon.

There are many books you can get at local libraries that can get you educated on the subject.

By the way, when doing your research, be warned that affiliate marketing "educational" websites are usually trying to sell you something and can be VERY persuasive. Try not to buy anything if you can help it unless you are 100% ready to proceed.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

What Is The Best Way To Start An Online Business?

With the economy the way it is many people are looking for alternative ways to make an income. So naturally they look online. I know that there are a lot of scams out there but if you look hard enough there are legit programs out there that will teach you how to make money online.

So what are some of the ways that you can make some money online?

I won't go into great detail but here are some of the ways you can make money online:

Affiliate Marketing, selling other people's products
Selling Your Own Created Products - whether it's an ebook or other craft related products
Selling A Service - if you have skills, this could be a good way to get started.
Selling Other People's Products - creating a theme site with products that are drop shipped directly to the customers so you don't carry inventory.

The 2 best ways, in my opinion, are:
1. Affiliate Marketing - setting up a website where you market other company's products and get paid a commission. The Super Affiliate Marketers Handbook is a good reference for this method
2. Selling a Service - Your skills could demand top prices if you have what it takes.

So where can I get the right training to learn this stuff?

There are many programs out there but the two programs that I know that are legit are the chris Farrell membership and wealthy Affiliate. Just to give you a little backround on both sites:

The Chris Farrell Membership If you are just starting out in trying to make money online or you have tried and failed the Chris Farrell Membership will give you a foundation so you will not be lost. This site is geared towards the beginner Im talking "I only know how to check my e-mail and serf the web. So if you are just starting out with affiliate marketing this is a good place to start. I also want to point out that if you don't like to read text based instructions you don't need to worry because most of his teaching is done through video. There is a lot more I would like to list but if you would like to learn more click here.

Wealthy Affiliate - This site is still geared towards the beginner but it is a lot more in depth. They cover everything from:

•All levels of training
•Video training, Tutorial training, and Courses
•10,000′s of community members
•13+ Full, Interactive Classrooms
•Live & Interactive Help
•2 Free Websites
•State of the Art Hosting
•Access to Industry Experts
•A strict spam free environment.
$0 Membership. Yes, FREE!

The only bad thing I can say about it is that there is too much information. A person who is just starting out might get overwhelmed with the amount of information that's in there.

Here is a video walkthrough of wealthy affiliate

Friday, May 3, 2013

Making Money Online - So little risk, so much potential

Affiliate marketing is a low risk, high potential business. This is one of the reasons that it is becoming so popular. Many new entrepreneurs start their businesses off with affiliate programs. Here are some of the reasons why this business model is considered low risk:

1. Low start up costs: Affiliate programs are usually free to join. Tools and ad copy come with the package and the only expense incurred will be the cost of promotion. Of course you will be starting your own website and newsletter, but this will not really cost too much. If you start with a simple website template you can actually do it yourself. There are no office expenses or employee overheads.

2. No inventory: Of course you will not have to buy product, except for personal use. This saves a lot of money and means you will not have the risk of having to keep unsold inventory.

3. No Employees: as mentioned there are no employees to pay or hassle with. The only time you will have to pay people to work for you is when you outsource or hire others for a project. You can do this fairly cheaply when you use freelancers.

4. Very Little Customer support: One of the best parts about affiliate marketing is the fact that there is little or no customer service needed. Usually your sponsor as the actual seller will handle all this.

Of course Affiliate marketing has a lot of potential. This will depend on exactly how hard you wish to work your business. In fact once you have done your research into each and every promotion you do, you will be seeing good returns on your advertising dollar. Even with affiliate marketing you cannot expect too much for the first three months but after that it will increase as you expend promotions and gather tools, so that you will realize a growing return on investment.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

How To Get Started In Affiliate Marketing Step By Step

What is an affiliate program? An affiliate program is where you join a company and sell their products, for a commission. Getting started is easy, all you need to do is find a market you are interested in and join some related affiliate programs.

The easiest way to begin is to find your niche markets. Choose markets that you are interested in and specialize, in different aspects of the market. Research keywords in your market, and choose those with a large amount of searches and less websites supplying them. You can find out demand by going to overture search tool and seeing how many searches have been done. Putting the keyword into the search engine and looking at how many websites come up will give you supply. High demand and low supply will be your niche market.

You will build a website around the market and join related affiliate programs. Then you drive traffic to your website. Once you have one of these websites working and pulling in profits, you can go to another niche market and duplicate your success. Make these sites theme websites, so that you can promote more than one affiliate program from one place.

Try to choose some affiliate programs with residual income. This means that the customer will buy the product again and again, for instance a diet supplement or vitamins. Another form of residual income will be a product with a monthly subscription, like a membership site or autoresponder.

Get to know the product. The best affiliates actually use their sponsor’s products. Write good informative content to pre sell your visitors and establish yourself as an expert in your field. People will trust you more when they see your expertise and you will get more clicks through to your sponsor’s site

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Basics Of Affiliate Marketing Online - Some Tips On Getting Started Online

Learning the basics of affiliate marketing online. As an online marketer, you must know the two important things you need to know about affiliate marketing. I assume that you are one of those people who want to make a lot of money without ever having to put on a suit and tie and going to the office. And let’s not deny that we all dreaming of financial independence and be a successful online marketer.

The first thing you need to keep in mind at all times about affiliate marketing is: content rules. You must know how to make your own content and how to come up with quality stuff. Getting surfers to look at your website is not that hard. Making them read more than a couple of lines is a bit harder.

The second most important thing is to gain links that point to your site, which will bounce you up in search engine ratings. Make sure the links are always from web pages that focus on the same topic as the articles they point to, otherwise you are going to lose points with the search engines and that should be avoided at all costs.

Getting It Started:

Pick a niche market, identify some topics and start writing. Get about 10 articles up on your website, get links for every one of them and then keep an eye out and see if people like them or not. Every morning re-read one of the articles and see if your writing style is really crystal clear and if the ideas stand out from the text and are easy to grasp by anyone.

After weeks of doing this re-read your first articles once more. I am perfectly sure that you will be surprised of how poorly written they seem. Feel free to re-write them, or to write new ones that focus on the same topics and solutions, but with a different approach and wording. Don’t strive to be 100% original every time because this is impossible.

In a short while you will notice that your site is getting a lot of attention because of the friendly content. Keep everything simple and make sure your pages can be accessed easily by surfers who don’t land on your main page. Having a website that doesn’t look slick, but has loads of good content tells people that you are a real person and that you aren’t trying to pull anything.

Marketing campaigns, flashing banners and slick ads are nice, but you don’t need them. Just write articles and get links. Then write more articles and get more links. Repeat this until your website becomes a mandatory stop for people who want to be well-informed on the topic you’ve chosen. The links and surfer clicks will give you good ratings and the original content will make you unique.

Write good articles, put in plenty of keywords (don’t use them blatantly), make sure the links to the merchant website stand out and get other websites to link to you. That’s all you need to know to make a lot of money on the internet.

So there you have it, the big list of tasks that you need to do in order to become a successful affiliate marketer. Sounds too simple? Well, it sort of is simple, but not as simple as you’d expect. What you need to do is to write good articles that can really answer the questions your readers have in mind. This means finding a topic, becoming thoroughly acquainted with it and analyzing possible solutions. For a realistic strategy to making money online, visit This online marketing program covers a lot of affiliate marketing fundamentals.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Does It Work?

Affiliate marketing has quickly become one of the most popular and the most effective ways to advertise on the Internet. The premise of affiliate marketing is very simple.

A company, let’s say eBay, goes to another web site and asks them to place a banner or link to eBay on their site. Every time a user clicks on that eBay banner and visits the site, and buys the product the owner of the original site gets a commission. It’s as simple as that.

The history of affiliate marketing goes back to approximately 1994 with the trailblazing music website They were, as far as most people know, the first site to pay other sites for directing Internet traffic to them. Internet giant soon caught on and became the site most associated with affiliate marketing. Today, the practice of affiliate marketing is used by essentially every major web site in the world.

Why affiliate marketing? One of the reasons that affiliate marketing has proven to be so popular is that it is completely based on performance. In most cases, the company doing the advertising doesn’t pay a single penny to the site that is carrying their ad unless there is evidence that Internet traffic has been driven to the advertising site. There are, however, other ways of doing affiliate marketing.

Some advertising sites have paid the site hosting their link based not on the number of times an original IP visits through the link, but on the number of times the banner ad was “seen.” This method presents a whole host of problems since things like hit counts can be forged and there is no way to insure that just because someone visited a web page that had your logo on it that they even saw it or if they did, that they even knew what it was.

Other methods of affiliate marketing include paying only when a link is followed AND some kind of transaction takes place. This can be tough on the site hosting the link because the attention span of the average Internet user isn’t long enough in most cases to follow a link and then either complete a purchase, or fill out a form of some kind. The conventional method simply pays a host a commission for every time an original IP is directed to their site.

In a matter of only a few years, affiliate marketing has become one of the most cost effective ways to drive traffic to a site. Since, in most cases, both the advertiser and the host profit from the set up, there is no reason to believe that affiliate marketing won’t be a dominant advertising method well into the future.

Is Affiliate Marketing A Pyramid Scheme? - Is Affiliate Marketing MLM?

Because affiliate marketing works so well and seems to genuinely benefit both the website that is advertising as well as the website that is hosting, people tend to look for problems that just don’t exist. One of the “problems” that has dogged affiliate marketing for years is the idea that is is a multi-level marketing scheme.

What is multi-level marketing? It’s much better known as a pyramid scheme. In most traditional cases, pyramid schemes are illegal. They work by constantly signing up new people to sell a product that doesn’t actually exist. The people at the top of the pyramid make money be collecting a commission off of all the sales that happen below them in the pyramid structure.

In recent years, pyramid schemes have tried to gain a bit of respectability by offering legitimate products like phone cards that made the whole operation legal. But, in essence, pyramid schemes are still tainted by the perception that they are inherently dishonest and, unless you start a pyramid scheme and are at the top of the pyramid, you’re earning money for someone else.

Affiliate marketing is, in no conceivable way, multi-level marketing. In most cases, a site that wants to advertise pays another site to direct traffic to them. There are multi-level affiliate marketing set ups that have one site direct traffic to another site and then that site directs people to the site that pays both previous sites, but even in this case, the customer isn’t tricked or misled and there isn’t any sort of financial transaction that takes place, either. Multi-tiered affiliate marketing is simply another way for web pages to create traffic and revenue.

The way earnings work for multi-level affiliate marketing is different than a pyramid scheme, as well. Is it true that in the end, the site that is being linked to makes the most money? Sure, but that’s because they are the ones offering the product or service. The other sites are simply steering customers to them. With multi level affiliate marketing, everyone makes money and assuming a legitimate good or service is being sold at the end of the path, the consumer ends up happy, too.

It can be a little confusing for those new to Multi level affiliate marketing to tell the difference between it and a pyramid scheme. But rest assured the two have very little in common, most importantly the fact that almost all pyramid schemes are illegal while multi level affiliate marketing is quite legal and a very effective tool in Internet advertising,

Monday, April 29, 2013

Affiliate Marketing As A Business - A Business With No Hassel

For many people, the lure of working from home is too strong to resists. Being able to set up your own hours, your own schedule and your own your speed is an extremely attractive way of living to most people.

But the thought of setting up your own web-based business can be a huge hassle. You have to have a web design, a product and then you have to sell it, ship it and handle customers. A much easier way to work from home and run a web-based business is called affiliate marketing.

Setting up a site that works as an affiliate marketing site isn’t really that hard. There are many different web-page building programs out there that walk you through every step of the process. Once you have a functional web site, you need to come up with a list of companies that will pay you to link to them. Many major websites like Amazon have an affiliate program that you can join and then get paid for simply linking to their website.

But if you really want to cash in, you don’t want a webpage with just a list of links on it. This may earn you a buck or two, but when most web surfers stumble upon these kinds of pages after a Google search, they tend to get frustrated and leave. The best route for you to go is to provide interesting web content that relates to the company you’re linking to.

If you can’t write interesting web content yourself, there are many companies that will do it for you for a very reasonable price. Once you’ve got your content, you can weave your links throughout it. People will find your web page on search engines like Google, Yahoo and and when they see the well-written content, they will hang around and read what’s on your site. They will, in most cases, click on the links provided and you’ll be counting the cash in no time flat.

While there is no guarantee that affiliate marketing will turn into a cash cow, with enough hard work, the odds are in your favor. When you combine a cool site design with quality content and a good mix of interesting links, you are bound to get a good number of hits that will quickly translate into dollars for you. Give it a try, you might be surprised at how well it works!

Friday, February 1, 2013

What Is The Best Way To Start An Internet Marketing Business?

Have you ever wondered what it really takes to learn internet marketing? For some people they say it can be self taught through the right training while other people say its too difficult to learn on your own and you need to pay them (companies) thousands of dollars to learn. When starting an internet marketing business it can be difficult but I want to answer some commmon questions That I have come across when doing my research.

First of all what Is Internet Marketing? In the broadest sense its the marketing of products and services on the internet. The difficult part for most people is getting traffic to their site and what their objective is.

The Vast World of IM

You may have heard terms like Search Engine Marketing, SEO, pay-per-click marketing, CPA marketing, article marketing, affiliate marketing, affiliate, merchant, tweeting, facebook, email marketing…the list goes on.

This is all encapsulated under the “Internet Marketing Umbrella”. That is the reason people get so confused when they go to get training. They really are unsure of the best way to achieve their objectives and in many cases, exactly what they need.

1. Starting An Internet Business For Yourself - If you are looking to start your own business for yourself its really not that difficult. One of the things that you will need is a website. I know for most people building a website scares people. Don't be. There are free website builders that you can use like or yola If you are just starting out and have no money to spend I would start with these. You will then need to sign up with affiliate programs (free) so you will be able to promote products. There are literally 100,000 products that you can promote. There is also getting traffic to your site which there are many ways that you can get traffic to your site. You can learn all of this on your own but it would be better if you got the right internet marketing training. This way you won't be by yourself and you would be able to get the help that you need.

2. Why Most People Fail To Make It in IM - Like most start up companies/individuals the majority of them fail. I have found that there are a few common reasons why.

1. They want money "fast" - If you are starting out in I.M don't think this way. You are bound to fail. What I have found is people who start in this business get all exited thinking that the are going to make easy money. Once they find out what this whole I.M thing involves they quit within the first 2 months or maybe even less.

2. Buying too many Products - People are looking for that one product that they buy will make them an instant millionare. It doesn't happen this way. They buy a product try it for a few weeks and once they don't see any results they quit and call the product a scam ect.. in order for you to succeed in internet marketing you need to put in the effort and give it time.

To sum this up I feel that if you want to really make this internet marketing thing work for you is to get the right training. Not just any training but training that is up to date. You can learn on your own by visiting forums and reading but often times you will not get the full picture of what internet marketing really is. By reading in forums you will ony get on piece of the puzzle. So your beat bet would be to get the proper training.

You can start by signing up with the "starter" package which is free forever.

I hope this helps.

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Internet Marketing Training For Newbies - Now You Can Quit Your Job And Make Even More Money

Are you looking for a training program to make money online? Perhaps you have looked at a few programs but you were skeptical. There are programs out there that will help you make money online but rather than search and search for the perfect program I would pay more attention to these things first. In this artuicle I am going to briefly go over the things that you should know before looking for a program.

1.Do You know what you want to do? I know that you want to make money online but what specifically do you want to do? Do you want to build affiliate sites? Do you want to make money by doing article marketing? Or perhaps you want to look into pay per click advertising? You don't have to know right away what you want to do but at least have an idea. Once you have an idea look for more information on that subject.

2.If you are looking at a program do they provide one on one support? There are many programs out there that say on their sales page that they provide support but they really don't. You are left to fend for yourself. I currenly belong to a membership site called wealthy affiliate. I have been with them for a while now. At first when I joined I wasn't so sure that they would provide the help if I really needed it. So I decided to ask them questions I needed help with. Not only did they answer my questions. They answered my questions telling me what I needed to do to start making money.

3.Do they provide one on one help? Before joining any program contact their support ask them questions.

Don't just ask them questions ask them specific questions. See if they respond thoughouly to your questions . Before joining wealthy affiliate I did this just to see if they would answer my questions. Once they responded this made me feel more at ease.

4.Is There Training Up To Date? Most training programs that are out there are not up to date. Its just a bunch of re-hashed information that if you were to put it to use will not work anymore. Google is catching on.

These are just some questons that you need to ask yourself before choosing a program. There are legit programs out there that will help you make money online but do some thourough research.