Sunday, November 17, 2013

What Is The Chris Farrell Membership?

If you have come across this blog post you are probably wondering what the chris farrell membership is all about. I am going to explain some questions you may have about this program.

What is the chris farrell membership? - The chris farrell membership is a program that will teach you the steps to build a business online. Chris will walk you through the steps that he took to make a full time living online. This
program is designed for people who have no expierence with making money online.

Who is chris farrell? Chris is an ordinary british guy who had a burning desire to make a fulltime living online. For him it was tough at first because he didn't have anyone to show him the exact steps to mkae money online. I would like to add that he almost quit but he didn't. Within the first 6 months he was able to make $250 dollar days consistantly. Within nine months he had his first $1000 dollar day.

What is included in the chris farrell membership?

•Video tutorial training designed for beginners.
•Full 24-7 Customer Support.
•Forums to ask questions to other users.
•The ability to make money from the program.
•Free websites and hosting.
•A bunch of tools and resources (video tools, webinar tools, graphic library)

Most of chris farrells teaching is done through video so you will be able to look over his shoulder. For me personally I prefer video rather than text. Also if you don't understand the technical stuff you don't have to worry as chris was in this position before and he understands how fustrating it can be. He will walk you through this.

Some of the training topics:

1.How to Make Money Online.
2.5 Skills You Need to Know.
3.Creating Your Website (1+2).
4.21 Days to Success.
5.A Full Traffic Course (with multiple lessons).
6.How to Use Social Networks Course (how to benefit from Facebook).
7.How to Create an E-book.
8.Many, Many More

The Pros and Cons of the chris farrell membership:


•Great amount of training.
•Full Customer Support 24/7.
•Forums to ask other members questions.
•The ability to learn and earn.
•Great successful creator


•Some training is outdated.
•The Customer Support is not from the creator himself.
•Not updating enough.

What is the price? The price is 37.00 per month or you can pay for the year at $297.00 keep in mind that if you pay monthy you will have to pay for your own hosing. For the yearly price the hosting is included.

My Final Thoughts.. - This is a good program if you know nothing about how to make money online. Like I said before he will show you the steps that you will need.

Here is a look inside:

Join the chris farrell membership here

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