Tuesday, April 1, 2014

5 Steps On How To Build An Online Business

Building a new business is a challenge for anyone, but an online business faces a particular hurdle because it can be difficult to attract attention in a field that is already crowded with other companies. Successfully starting and building an online business requires time and creative marketing efforts. It also requires a website that is optimized to be as simple and memorable as possible.

1. Register the shortest and most memorable domain name possible. If you advertise your website on television or radio, getting responses will depend on a potential customer being able to remember the name of the website and type it the next time she is in front of her computer. If you have a domain name that is too long, you may lose potential sales. If you are unable to register the domain name that you want, you may be able to purchase it from the person who registered it last.

2. Design a website that is attractive, but simple to use without looking for a "Help" page. Your website's layout should be intuitive; avoid complex navigation forcing visitors to find the help page, because most people will find another website rather than asking for help.

3. Promote your website in creative ways. If your website depends on local business, ask other business owners if you can leave business cards in their stores. If geographic location is not a concern for you, find a small item to bundle free with each purchase for the first 100 customers. Unless you have a product that no one else sells, any online business is certain to face heavy competition. Find a way to stand out.

4. Connect your business to Facebook, Twitter or a networking site in the niche of your product or service. Social networks are resources that you can use to get feedback directly from your customers, and happy customers are likely to spread the word to their other online friends. Free classified ad websites such as Craigslist can also increase your website's exposure.

5. Start a blog or publish related informational content on your website. For example, if you sell computer hardware, you can start a blog to review the latest processors and graphics cards, or publish how-to articles about how to repair or upgrade different types of computers. Adding content to your website increases the chance that people will find it in search engines. Competent information builds trust with your potential customers.

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