Thursday, July 3, 2014

How To Fire Your Boss And Work From Home

I could only imagine how many times you have thought about reversing the roles and placing your boss in your shoes. I know I have done so millions of times..hell, I think I do it on a daily basis. Well, I finally got fed up with having to work for someone else, so I decided to start to find ways that I could work from home and make enough money to fire my boss. As a result, I stumbled across what is known as Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing has no cap on how much you can make, and with the right starting foundation and appetite for achieving your goals, you can seriously become a millionaire from working within the field. With a few months of affiliate marketing under my belt, I decided I wanted to help others who were interested in learning how to fire their boss and work from home in 2013. This guide will teach you the first steps you need to take on your short journey to getting rid of a boss and starting your own work at home career.

The First Step- Learning about affiliate marketing.

The only way to fire your boss and start working at home is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is when a company/seller pays someone for bringing customers to their business through that persons own marketing efforts. Basically, the company pays you for getting someone to go through your link to the company's website and make a purchase. Amazon, Walmart, and other big name companies like these two have their own affiliate marketing opportunities, so don't think you won't have the opportunity to work for legitimate companies. With that being said, these big name companies tend to pay a smaller commission percentage than the other opportunities that you can be an affiliate for. One of the big differences between an affiliate marketer online and an "offline" salesman is that while being an offline salesman you are only selling one company's products, but as an affiliate, you can sell for hundreds of different companies. This benefit helps you maximize the amount of sales you are able to make and increase the amount of money you make tremendously.

The Second Step- Learn the best way to succeed as an affiliate

Now this might scare you and sound very difficult, but I promise it's not! What you need to do to succeed as an affiliate is have your own website(s) that are focused on a certain topic (this is called a niche). This niche needs to be researched before you set up the website(s) because you want a niche that has a lot of interested and potential buyers (called traffic) and not a lot of competition. Next, you'll need a lot of informative and interesting information related to your niche on this website. This will help you get to the front page of Google when people search words that are related to your niche (called keywords), increasing your potential buyers. Lastly, you'll need to place your affiliate links (the links that make you money) throughout your informative/interesting content. Don't try and over-promote because it makes you look desperate for a sale and questions your credibility. Don't worry about this stuff at all, because you can follow these over the shoulder, step-by-step, and short walk through videos, and get two, 30 seconds to create prosperous websites without spending a penny. Not to mention the social community that will answer any question you have and guide you to making the money you need to fire your boss and start working from home.

The Third Step- Keep updating and making money

Once you have established your website, informative and interesting content, have affiliate links placed throughout your site, and have began getting ranked on the top pages in Google, all you have to do is keep updating/tweaking your site. Keep your website very up to date, relevant, and fresh. The quicker you are at doing so, the more probability that you will have recurring visitors to your site. Recurring visitors trust you and will most likely recommend your site to others (even more potential buyers). By now, the money will start to be rolling in like clockwork and all you have to do is keep updating whenever you want, which is the major benefit to working online. Yes, it take a few days to set up your campaign to fire your boss and work from home in 2013, but after the setup you will have to do nothing but up keeping and maintaining. You can make it happen even faster by taking the quick route!

The Fourth Step- Fire your boss!

Now it's time for the fun. After just a little bit of time within affiliate marketing, you can fire your boss and work from home for the rest of your life. You can go to your boss and tell them, "I just wanted to let you know that I can no longer work here. I've made more this month than you will this year and just don't think this position is right for me anymore". Or you can be clever with it one day when you go to work. "Hey boss, I just wanted to ask you a question. Lately, I've came across your business and wanted to know if you were willing to sell it to me? Maybe we can sit down some time and discuss a price". This fourth step is really up to you, as I know that most of you are probably more creative than I am and will have much more clever ways of firing your boss.

Fire your boss and work from home.

I've given you the job field and the place you should get started, so start your short journey today. Please update me in about a month via comment on this article on how your journey is going! I'd love to share our success and "firing our boss" stories with you!

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