Wednesday, October 29, 2014

5 Steps To Start Making Money Online

Here are the 5 steps to start making money online. You hear this all the time in internet marketing:

"That doesn't work anymore"

"This used to work but its outdated"

"no one is doing that anymore its dead"

How often do we hear that? If you have done internet marketing for some time you have probably heard it many times. So how do we get out of this cycle and start making money online?

The solution is find something that works. Stop chasing the latest and greatest make money online product that is going to promise you a million bucks overnight. It doesn't work that way. If you are feeling this way the best thing to do is go back to doing the basics.

So what are the basics?

1. Pick a niche

2. Create or outsource a free offer

3. Create a Squeeze Page giving away free offer.

4. Drive traffic to squeeze page to collect subscribers

5. Follow up with those subscribers with additional valuable information and related offers.

Its not that straight forward you will also need to drive traffic to your squeeze page. This in itself stops people from doing this because they don't know where to get the traffic. You also need to build a relationship with your subscribers so they trust you and they buy from you.

How Do I know this works?

When I first started with affiliate marketing I bought everything that was out there. It wasn't until I stopped buying stuff and committed myself to just doing one thing that was list building.

So I would say that if you are in this position stop buying products or e-books that are just going to sit in your hard drive for years that you are not going to take action on. I would get myself a mentor that know's about listbuilding. It will just shorten the learning curve and you will be building an online business.

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