Monday, March 30, 2015

How To Build A Website From Scratch Step By Step - A Bigginners Guide

Building a website from scratch is like planning your perfect home. It starts with careful planning on how you want your home to look, how big your home will be and even what color your home will be.

This simple yet painstaking task of planning for your website is very important since it will determine how much of your time and resources you are willing to invest in this business because once you have started building your website, there is no turning back. Why? It will be a big terrible waste of time and resources knowing that you will only pull the plug once you hit a wall.

To start off, you must first choose and purchase your domain name. But don't just buy a domain name because it sounds catchy, but rather choose a domain name that is relevant to the product you wanted to promote. Once you have decided upon a suitable domain name you will need to visit a site such as and purchase the domain name you have chosen. A domain name should cost at somewhere around $10.

Every domain name requires a host. For your domain to have a host, you will need to register your chosen domain to with a separate company such as hostgator, which will cost you roughly $10 per month. There are also membership sites available that offers free hosting if you are a member.

Think you're done? Not yet. You have to get a piece of code that is necessary in building your website. This code is called a nameserver which links your domain name registrar with your hosting company and should only require few actions if your registrar and host company is are different.

Now that you have acquired your domain name and host, the next step that you will be required to do is to purchase a web editor. Some of This software can be purchased online and some of it can cost you a lot of money, while others can simply be downloaded for free and will be pivotal in helping you create your web pages.

Now that you have the essential requirements building your website, you can now start by creating your web pages. You can now start creating the various pages to make up your website. The first page that you need to create is a homepage, also known as an index page. As soon as you're done creating the pages on your website, you are now ready to publish your duly accomplished pages. Publishing the pages on your website simply means that you have to send these pages to your host company and to the correct directory.

To make your website attractive and eye catching to the eyes of the viewers, you can always change the format of your web page in order to change the look and feel and truly make it personal. If you can understand and follow the process and what it requires, you should have no problem at all in building a website from scratch.


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