Saturday, May 28, 2016

How to Make Money Online for Newbies: What You Should Know Before Launching Your Website

Do you want to know how to make money online for newbies? Perhaps you're starting a full-fledged business online, or maybe you just want to develop a blog that pulls in a little extra spending money on the side. Whatever your reasons, there are several aspects of online marketing that you should acquaint yourself with before spending any money on domains or site content.

You've probably heard of products designed as "how to make money online for newbies" blueprints or startup guides. Some of these are legitimate products that actually teach how to make money online for newbies. But in many cases, they just represent one of the many ways internet marketers take advantage of their inexperienced competition.

This unfortunate issue brings us to our first lesson in internet marketing: Don't buy every product out there which promises to make you hundreds of thousands of dollars in a month or less. These are called "get rich quick" products, and they're generally a big scam. You'd be better off saving your money for hiring someone to create your site or write articles for submission to organic search websites.

Another hangup many new marketers have when they're trying to learn how to make money online is the issue of time management. This is actually the hidden kryptonite of internet marketing. It works like this.

First, the new marketer gets all excited about their new business prospect online. They spend the entire first week completely devoted to their new project. Then, the next week rolls around, and all of a sudden they feel very burned out. Their project isn't making money at the rate they thought it would, their site hasn't gotten any traffic and they spent way more time trying to get that one graphic to fit next to the text than it ever should have taken.

Do you see what happened? The newbie is now very discouraged. He or she might be so demoralized that they dump the project before it even gets off the ground. Why did this happen? The simple answer is that they did not manage their time very well. They spent too many resources on it too soon, and they have very little will to go on after too large of a time expenditure.

Instead of purchasing a "get rich quick" product to get started, perhaps you should start out with a plan of how many hours per day you wish to devote to your new endeavor. If you have a partner helping you, then all the better. But don't allow yourself to get so bogged down with learning how to make money online for newbies that you neglect to delegate the right amount of time to each aspect of your project.

Once you have your time plan worked out, you can move on to more advanced aspects of internet marketing, like hiring contractors to create your website or building it yourself with a content management system. Only after you have the basic elements in place should you consider spending money on more products, services or ads to drive traffic to your website.

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