Monday, June 6, 2016

How to Find the Best Niches for Affiliate Marketing

If I had a dollar for every time I was asked - what are the best niches for affiliate marketing? - then I could retire and live on a yacht in the Caribbean! And, no - I don't already have one there either, but maybe someday! In fact, when I am asked that question, what they are really asking me is - what is the best selling product, and that really bothers me! Why? Because if you start with the product, you are really coming at it from the wrong angle altogether.

So, when I get asked this question, I always say that the product comes way down the list of priority questions. To find the best niches for affiliate marketing the questions I start with are:

•What are you interested in? The reason I ask this question is that once you have chosen a niche, you will spend quite some time writing and researching it, so you better have an interest in it, or this will be really hard work!

•Do you have talents or skills that are relevant to this niche? Having a skill that relates to this niche will give you a level of expertise to make judgements about the relevance of products or offers being made to the niche.

There is a view out there that you can market in any niche, irrespective of whether you have any interest or experience in it and I think that is true, but only to those who have real experience of niche and affiliate marketing. If starting out I highly recommend that you go with what interests you, and then progress to other niches. You will learn quicker in niches you know something about than those you know nothing about.

So, you must start with the market and start to do some market research into finding market niches. Before you gasp in horror at the thought and prospect of "market research", let me out you at your ease! 20 years ago this would have been difficult, but today it is a complete doddle! Just get in front of your computer and away you go!

Let's say you are interested in researching "how to make pottery" (I have no idea why I chose that niche - it is so far from anything I know anything about!!), so I do the following research:

•Are there any magazines printed about this subject?

•Do any forums exist?

•Can you identify any products that are already being sold?

•Does your market buy products online - check with Amazon or eBay

•Are there any advertisers taking space on Google pages for this subject?

You will learn a lot from the answers to these questions. Be really honest with yourself about the results - don't read into the answers just what you want. This is cold data, and it has a real message!

For a niche to be worth targeting, it must tick these next 3 criteria:

•The niche is already in existence - pioneering a new niche might be exciting, but extremely difficult (to be honest, I would say impossible!) to make money from.

•The niche has a record of buying products online - they have disposable income

•You know where they hang out or gather. Or, in other words, you know how you can target them.

This will get you started on your project to find the best niches for affiliate marketing. You need to do some homework, and there are no quick ways to get the answers, so do the homework and you will find the right answers.

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