Friday, January 6, 2017

What Is Affiliate Marketing Online? - Find Out Here

First off let me answer what many people ask “What is Affiliate Marketing?”

In a nut shell as an affiliate marketer you receive a commission from ever product or service you are marketing online from the company you are affiliated with.
So back to answering the why question.
Here are just some of the reasons why moms love affiliate marketing:

1) It costs NOTHING to become an affiliate marketer for any company.

2) You can market whatever you want – the sky’s the limit – you can build your business around your passion. In fact top affiliate earners market things they are interested in or have a passion for.

3) You have the opportunity to earn residual income – meaning you can make money over and over again from just one sale.

Do you belong to a gym? – You have membership fees each month – this is the gym residual income.
By simply marketing affiliate programs that have a monthly fee – you will receive a monthly recurring commission for each sold product or service – it’s a beautiful thing.

4)You don’t need any experience to become a successful affiliate marketer. Most companies will provide you with all the sales material and marketing material you need.
Learning The Business

Like anything new venture the one way to make sure you’re going to succeed is to be guided and supported by people who are already successful affiliate marketers.
That’s what franchise owners have, look at subway, MacDonald’s and other franchise businesses they have a complete support system as well as a step by step process for success.
You have access to the same system in place for succeeding with affiliate marketing like franchise owners do.

And that would be the Wealthy Affiliate. It is the most advanced community for training and support for affiliate marketers.

This community is absolutely free to join and it provides you with all the tools and resources (also for free) to help you build your online affiliate business.
They will provide you with free website hosting, 2 free websites, a completed step by step guide to setting up and building your business, plus 24/7 live interactive chat support.

Live Chat Anytime you have a question or concern simply pop into the live chat area and one of the thousands of experts will be there to answer your every question. This level of support is the reason so many people are becoming so successful with affiliate marketing.

Plus there is over 60 additional training modules plus dedicated classrooms to help you grow your business for years and years to come.
Remember this affiliate business is your business – you build it the way you want to – no one can take it away from you, unlike an MLM business. Plus this is a business you could hand down to your kids for their future or even sell - it is up to you.

Compared to MLM, consider this: You can have your affiliate business up and running in a matter of days and by taking advantage of what the Wealthy Affiliate offers you – you can have your business set up and ready to make money plus training and 24/7 live chat support all for ZERO cost!!

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