Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Can You Actually Make A Living With Affiliate Marketing?

One of the first questions I had in my mind when starting with affiliate marketing was "Can you actually make a living with affiliate marketing"? Well it depends... what do you consider actually making a living? Is it $2k a month $5k a month 10k a month? And I guess it will continue to be on your mind until you finally break through and make your own sales. To make this happen you need to find an affiliate model to support this level of income or has the potential to support this level of income.

If you have been looking online for an opportunity to make money online I can tell you that the guru's out there what they tell you is not going to make you 10k in a week or they say use this one method and you will become an instant millionare. I really don't think the person trying to sell you the product know's what they are doing anyways. They are just playing on your emotions.

Yes it is possible to make money online but you really need to be very driven. The guys that are making 10k a month and higher are either creating their own products or selling high ticket affiliate items. I want to show you a few blog post that I found to show you that people are making money online:

$40,000 in one weekend

$6340.95 in the month of November!

Wealthy Affiliate Proof Of Earnings

As you can see above making money online is possible. If this is something that interests you keep in mind that when you first start out you are going to make mistakes but if you stay focused making money online is a possibility.

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