Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Minimum Wage Workers Ever Consider Starting Up Your Own Home Business?

Minimum wage workers make up part of the workforce these days. Hell Today your lucky if you can find a job these days. I was one of these people. I wasn't working minimum wage but I was in the middle of my career at a dead end job that I hated. I wanted more out of life not stuck at a job that I hated. I knew I had to Do something. So I began looking online on how I could make money online from home. At first I didn't know where to look. So one day I was surfing the internet and I found a site called the chris farrell membership. I was a little skeptical at first having been scammed before. I did some heavy research to see if this site was a scam. For the most part there positive reviews about this site. So I decided to take a chance and join up. Here is what I found:

The Chris Farrell Membership site is for those people who are just getting started online. If you have tried to make money on your oen and aren't getting anywhere this is where I would start. Chris shows you step by step on how to build a real business. With other membership sites they throw all this information at you all at once and then you are filled with information overload. Chris doesn't do this. I like the fact that he has videos that you can look at instead of reading text based instructions. I like his videos because he goes at a pace that anyone can understand. I am still somewhat new to internet marketing so I like the pace he teaches at.

What I also like about this site is not only does he give you free hosting to build your sites but he gives you all of the material that made him money. You get his squeeze page, his autoresponder e-mails ect..

What I don't like about the site is many people are building websites with wordpress. I looked inside the forum to see if I could find any information about this there wasn't that much about wordpress. But I think overall what he teaches you will be able to make money online with his methods.

UPDATE: Chris now has a section on wordpress so now you can build your own wordpress site.

Here is a quick video:

If starting your own business is something that you want to do I suggest you have a look at the Chris Farrell membership

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