Thursday, September 17, 2015

How to Build a Website From Scratch - Not As Hard As it Sounds!

You have decided you want to build a website, but it seems like a daunting task. There appears to be so much to learn and new terms to acquaint yourself with that you become overwhelmed by the task. However when the job is seen in its individual parts it then becomes apparent that there is nothing that can not be readily learned and put into practice

Building a website, as with building an online business, is a process and requires you to learn new skills. None of the necessary skills are very difficult and if you can send and receive emails and surf the internet it will not be that hard to learn some new skills.

Just approach the task with the correct mindset: believe strongly that you can do it and be persistent.

The Process of building a Website:-

Choose and purchase a Domain Name. In choosing a domain name it should if possible indicate the type of business or product which you wish to promote. Then go to a Registrar such as to purchase your chosen name. On site you will be able to check if the name is in fact available to purchase; if not then try for variations of the name until you find one available. A domain name will cost approximately $10.

Hosting a Domain Name. All domain names require to be hosted. This may be obtained at the registrar where you bought your domain name or you can go to a separate hosting company such as Host Gator. Hosting will cost approximately $10 per year or there are some membership sites which provide hosting free with your membership.

Nameserver. This is a piece of code which links your Registrar with your Host Company and only requires action on your part if the Registrar is different from the Host Company.

Web Editor. Having acquired hosting for your domain name the next step is to get a Web editor. This is simply a software program which creates web pages. There are many web editors available on the internet and some cost a lot of money. However there are also web editors available at no cost. One web editor which is free is Kompozer and this does a very good job of creating web pages.

Creating Web Pages. The next step in the process is to begin creating the various pages which go to make up your website. The first one will be your Home Page or Index Page as the Web Editor will call it. Once the pages have been created the next step is to publish them. This is simply sending them to the correct directory on your host company site. There are a number of details to learn in order to format and introduce color to your web pages, but none of them are difficult when you understand what is required.


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