Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How to Build a Website For Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the act of connecting consumers with products in exchange for a percentage of the sales price of the product. Though there are free ways to go about affiliate marketing, many affiliate marketers go the way of building their own website. This can be beneficial in many ways. It offers you more flexibility than the free methods and also gives you a piece of internet real estate.

There are several ways to build a website for affiliate marketing
. Those who are incredibly tech savvy might build their website from scratch with html. Those who are a step down from tech savvy will sometimes employ the use of a website design tool, such as Kompozer. And those who aren't tech savvy at all typically use an already developed script that makes things incredibly easy, such as WordPress.

The first page of your website should be a squeeze page. A squeeze page is a page that your clients must go to before they get to the actual meat of your website. A squeeze page is designed to prompt your customer to sign up with an auto responder in exchange for something of perceived value to them. Perceived value could mean anything from a free eBook or e-mail course to access to your website. Naturally, access to your website will be part of the deal. It's always nice to offer something free though to sweeten the deal. Building a squeeze page is important because it allows you to continue to sell to these potential customers for as long as their on your list. Most gurus will tell you that the money is in the list.

The next most important page of your website will be the page where you house your affiliate links. You could create a review page, a blog, a comparison website, or many other options. Whatever you decide to create, you need to make sure that your affiliate products are there for all to see and make a buying decision on. It is also important to add good content to your site so that it doesn't look too salesy. Your affiliate link will direct the potential customer back to the products sales page, therefore, there is no point in you trying to sell the product yourself since the company's sales page will do that for you. Your job is to offer information that will help the customer in their buying decision.

The first time you build a blog or review site, it might seem a bit difficult, especially if you have no prior experience with website design. After a while, you'll become a pro at it though. Keep updating your affiliate website with fresh content regularly, do your affiliate marketing, and you should be making money in no time.

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