Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How to Build a Website on a Budget

How to Build a Website on a Budget. If you want to know how to build a website without spending very much, you should know there ways to get your business online without breaking the bank. Sure, hiring a professional web designer can cost you thousands of dollars, depending on your businesses needs. However, with an open mind and flexible attitude, you can put together a professionally-looking site with minimal help from a designer -- and perhaps without one at all.

Many businesses first starting out can save a considerable amount of money when putting together a website by first starting with friends and family. Is there anyone you know just starting out in their designing career? Perhaps you know someone who does a little web design work on the side, for fun.

These contacts may be willing to help you with the coding or graphic designing portion of building a website for free. You may also consider bartering with a designer. If they will give you some direction and free consulting, you can provide them a little of what your business offers.

There are many important aspects to take into consideration when putting together a website. If even the wrong color is chosen for your page, you may drive away thousands of potential customers.

Therefore, it is advisable to at least consult with someone who knows a little about marketing and consumer needs. Graphic designers are trained in this, and even a student would be able to provide you with some beginner tips.

If you have trouble locating someone who would be of help to you, consider taking the time to read up on web design. Some manufacturers of the top designing software offer tutorials and tip books that will get you going in the right direction. There are also hundreds of tutorials available online, some of which will walk you step-by-step through the process of putting a site together.

For a fast and affordable option, you may consider using a platform such as WordPress. Though widely used for creating blogs, you can customize a blogging theme for use as a website. Many available themes will allow you to make the blog "static," meaning that the content will not change as it does often on blogs. When researching how to build a website, keep your mind open and suddenly you will see many budget-friendly options at your fingertips.

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