Friday, October 7, 2016

Earning Money Online With No Investment - Is It Really Possible?

Earning Money Online With No Investment Is It Really Possible? There are many legitimate ways of making money online. But there are also scams.
Some legitimate means of earning an online income include:

Surveys & focus groups: there are multiple sites you can sign up with to fill out surveys or participate in focus groups for money. This is not going to earn you a living, but it can certainly make you some quick pocket money.

Writing for shared revenue sites, to get residual income. This is a much slower way to earn money as there is no upfront payment. Also you need to do quite a bit of work to ensure your articles make it into search engines, and you will really need to learn about this before you start writing, as what and how you write will determine (in part) how your article ranks and whether it is discoverable by search engines like Google and Yahoo. However, in the long term this can be very profitable.

Writing content for upfront pay sites. There are many sites that will pay a set rate for your work, which can be a better option if you need to earn money immediately. However, the rates of pay vary enormously, as does the speed with which you will get paid, so do your research. Rates can be anything from a dollar or two per article to tens or even hundreds of dollars, though as you'd expect, the better paying markets are both harder to crack and take more work to succeed in.

Sell products through eBay. This can be anything from your old furniture or your kids' outgrown clothes, to items you've made or purchased cheaply at trash and treasure markets and garage sales.

If you have an existing blog or website, you may be able to make money through monetizing it with AdSense or other advertising, particularly if you already have a large readership. However, making money this way is much like making money through residual income on shared revenue sites, and you will likely make far more if you do your homework first.

How do you avoid scams?

Use your common sense. If a site is promising you will get rich without a lot of hard work, it is probably a scam. If a site is asking you to pay them money to learn the secrets of their program, it is probably a scam. If in doubt, look around, put the site or program name into a search engine with the word 'scam' and see what comes up. In conclusion, yes, there are legitimate ways to earn money online, and while none of them will make you rich without the usual amount of hard work, they can allow you to make a living working from home.

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