Tuesday, October 11, 2016

How to Earn Extra Money Online With Success

How to Earn Extra Money Online With Success. Who can argue that internet is the best place to earn extra money. Each day more and more people are turning to internet to find an additional source of income, either to provide extra money for household expenses or to build a successful online business. Without a doubt, internet really is the greatest invention in decades.

When I first started to earn extra money online, I have done some serious research work to find the best online business model that will provide a greater chance of success and yet lesser time on the learning curves. I found out that no matter what kind of method you use to earn money online, be it affiliate marketing, niche marketing or earn extra money with AdSense, they all work on the same set of rules.

But before I go on to those set of rules that really matters. Let me explain the foundation of setting up any form of online business that you may use to earn extra money on the internet. Trust me, this will help you better understand the mass information that you are going to read elsewhere.

Like any traditional business, you will need a platform like a shop to display what you are going to offer to your customers. Likewise for online business, it can be a website or a blog or any platform that you will use for your customers to find you. And to ensure that your site will attract potential customers, it has to be optimize according to the niche that you are targeting.

In order to do that, SEO or Search Engine Optimization will come into play. As it will get your site rank high in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) and that is where the main source of the traffic will come from. It has proven time and time again that search traffic is the best traffic to make online earnings. As they always convert way better than any other traffic sources. So if you are planning to earn extra money online, then search traffic are the main traffic that you should be focus on.

Now back to the rules of earning money online. Since you know what kind of traffic you should go after to earn extra money on the internet. The following will have to be plan ahead even before you start a new online business, so as to gain higher chance of success and put you in the right direction.

Focus on getting 1000 visit to your site each day. Always choose a niche that will provide you with 1000 visitors a day, but avoid those competitive niches. It would be difficult to get rank high in the Serps even with proper SEO techniques.

Plan out all monetize methods for each site. And calculate the revenue for individual method by multiplying the projected commission or sale amount with a realistic conversion rate of the traffic. Calculate the overall projected revenue potential of your site by adding up all the revenue sources.

Plan to increase the traffic and the amount of revenue made for each visit over time. There you have it, the 4 simple rules on how to earn extra money online. By getting the right traffic and applying the above rules, you will be sure to earn money online with success.

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