Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Can You Really Make Money Online? Here Is The Truth

I visit internet marketing forums on a daily basis and I often see that people are asking if you really can make money online? It seems pretty obvious that people don't believe that you can. Or maybe they just want to see what other people want to say. Either way in this post I wanted to give you legitimate ways that you can make money online.

1) Selling Advertising Space - Basically to do this you set up a website and promote it. Once you are getting visitors to your site you can monetize it ( make cash ) by either selling advertising space to people/companies that would be interested or by putting ads on your site. Usually this is done by signing up with that service for free and putting a snippet of code on there. These companies usually pay once a month by cheque or bank deposit and popular programs include Google Adsense, Yahoo and Kontera.

2) Affiliate Marketing - This basically is you are promoting other companies products for a commission. There are literally thousands of affiliate products you can promote to make money from. It is usually free to sign up and they often supply the banners and affiliate links that you can use to make money. The revenue from doing this can go up substantially over time and is a very lucrative way of making money on the internet once you have learnt the basics.

3. 3) Create and Market Your Own Product - There is a bit more of a learning curve here, as there are more factors involved, but the advantage of doing this is that you split the profits with affiliates that you recruit as oppose to only earning a percentage of every sale. As you are the product owner you could have many affiliates generating sales for you and building your business.

Of the above three I would probably want to start with either option one or two.

If this is something that you are interested in I suggest you have a look at wealthy affiliate. Its a site that will teach you how to build an online business. You can sign up for free to check it out.

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