Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Jobs For People Who Want to Work Alone - Wealthy Affiliate University

Are you an introvert? Are you looking for a job that will enable you to work alone? I know you are tired of the 9-5 grind tired of corporate america the office gossip ect.. you just want a job where you can be left alone. I have good news for you. There are actually jobs out there for this.

Animal Based Careers - Assuming you are ok working with animals not people. You could be a dog walker, a breeder, work in a vet, a zookeeper ect.

Computer Programmer/Networking - If you are working on a coding assignment this could cut you off from social interaction for weeks at a time. It pays pretty well too.
Factory Work - As long as you are doing your job no one will be bothering you. The downside is doing the same thing day after day.

Being An Athlete - Lots of individual sports like tennis, swimming, diving, bicycle, racing, surfing ect.. you will need to be very dedicated to do this.

Affiliate Marketing/Internet Marketing - Many people are making a full time living online. In simple terms its basically selling goods or services for a commission. You will not deal with a boss because YOU ARE the boss. You can get up when you want and start "working". You do have to put in effort to make this work though.

This is great where can I learn this stuff? - The best way for anyone that wants to learn this stuff I would suggest you get the proper training. In fact I am a member of a site called wealthy affiliate.
What Is Wealthy Affiliate? - Its a community where you will learn how to make money online. Here are some benefits:

Training - If you want to learn anything you need a foundation. Wealthy Affiliate walks you through step by step how to build your own business.
One on One Support - Yes you do get help. They have a instant chat feature you can get your problems answered in real time.

Community Support - Within Wealthy Affiliate there are thousands of experienced marketers willing to help you.

$0 Membership - Yes you can join for free for as long as you want. There is also a premium membership (paid) but if you are just starting out I would get the feel for how internet marketing works as one who is new to all of this can easily be overwhelmed with information.

My Final opinion - If you are new to internet marketing I would start with the starter package. This will give you enough information to get you going. So set up your free account. You will also get a free gift when you sign up

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