Thursday, March 2, 2017

How To Make Money Online Without Investment

If you want to learn how to make money online without investment then read every word in this article. This is the most legit way to make money online without having to spend any money. Using free tools on the internet and if you were to spend any money at all it would only be less than $5 dollars.So here is the best way to make money online without spending any money. I recommend you follow these steps.

1. Sign up for 3 affiliate programs (they are free) I recommend you sign up for click bank, amazon affiliate program and one CPA network like click booth.

2. Find a product for a hungry market like dating and relationships, health and wellness or making money. These 3 markets are the ones that make the most money because people need them and will pay great money for it.

3. Do your keyword research on the internet. I recommend you get a keyword research tools or use Google keyword tool. Keyword research is very important because you need to know the search volume of a keyword. Find keywords that are not so popular and not many sites target that keyword. Go to Google and type your keyword with quotation marks and look at the competition for that keyword. I recommend you choose a keyword that gets 100-500 searches a month with a competition less than 10,000.

4. Now that you have chosen a keyword to target its time to use a paradise hosting website ( A.K.A. web 2.0 site). Chose something like an article directory like EzineArticles or Hubpages or Squidoo. Use these sites to write articles and put video and pictures to presell the searcher. Put your affiliate link in the content and people will click on it and buy from it. Remember to make your page targeting that one keyword you chose.

Finally the last step is to make sure your page is on the first page of Google for that one keyword. You might want to build a few back links using social bookmarking and other sites.

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