Sunday, July 2, 2017

Internet Marketing Mentor - How To Find An Internet Marketing Mentor

Ok so you want to make money online? You know its possible because maybe you have a friend whos doing it and you are seeing how much money he is making. So you think "maybe I can do this too". The problem is your friend has been doing this internet marketing this for years and you are just starting out. You ask your friend to help you out but he has no time to mentor you because he has his own business to worry about. So you ask yourself " where can I find an internet marketing mentor"? BY following these steps that I am about to explain briefly you should have an idea of what to look for.

1. What makes a good mentor? A good mentor should understand coming in that you are totally new to internet marketing. He should be able to break things down for you in little "bits" so you will be able to see the whole picture. This mentor should also find out if you have had any previous knowlege about internet marketing. If you have he should be able to find out what your strong points are and build off of that.

2. Where can I find one? - You can just do a google search but be careful who you trust. Most of these coaching programs are just after your money. But the best place to look is by looking in marketing forums. Most established marketers have their own blogs or write for one. Some also market themselves as being a consultant. Most marketer share tips for free on the forums but this is not very personal and certainly not targeted to certain groups of people.

3.Talk to your sponsor or merchant - If you are already a member of an affiliate program then you have a sponsor. Talk to your sponsor; they can be helpful, but sometimes they are in the same boat as you. If they are not in a position to help you try locating the person sponsoring them. Somewhere in your affiliate program there will be some people that are well known or at least know what to do. With a little effort you can locate them and they may be in a position to guide you because it will help their income if you also succeed.

4. Should You Pay To Be Mentored? - If you are looking for the best thing possible pay for the mentoring. The mentor should be a respected one and should be knowledgeable with the niche you have selected

An internet marketing mentor that is matched to you can prevent a lot of errors and headaches as you start building you own online business.

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