Friday, July 21, 2017

What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Does It Work

For those who are just getting started online and want to get an understanding of what affiliate marketing is I will attempt to explain it to you as simple as possible so here we go..

Affiliate marketing is basically promoting other companies products for a commission. So lets just say for example the sneaker company Nike. If I wanted to promote one of their sneakers or clothing gear I would sign up with their affiliate program and they would give me a special link. Now if someone comes to my site and clicks on that link and buys through that link I get a commission out of the sale. This is a pretty simple overview of what happens. Here is a video breakdown of how the process works.

Now there are tons and tons of products that you can promote. One of the easiest ways is to go to a site like they sell over 10,000 digital products. Clickbank is not the only place that you can find products. Amazon has an affiliate program and just about any product that you can think of has an affiliate program.

There are many ways to promote a product, but the most common ways are through blogging / article marketing involving seo, video marketing, social media and paid advertising. Most people have a preference in terms of what promotional method they adopt primarily because each requires a certain commitment to get it working correctly.

Back a few years ago it was very easy to rank a website with barley any website content on it. But google started to catch on and now the focus is on quality content rather than black hat methods. So basically what you need to do is find a quality product and produce good quality content and over time google will start to notice your site. But for the most part people will fail because they jump from one method to the next and not sticking to ONE method and working it.

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