Thursday, July 6, 2017

What Is Internet Marketing All About? Learn The Basic Terminology Before You Get Started

So what is internet marketing all about? In simple terms its just marketing products on the internet. In a sense the word internet marketing is too broad of a term. I say too broad because there is more that one way that you can market products online to make money. Affiliate marketing is one of the most common and popular ways to make money online. It's when you sale other people's (or a company's ) products, and you earn a commission for every sale that you make.

The reason product owners are willing to pay an affiliate a commission is because you are using your time (and money, depending on the method) to promote their products, which saves them time and money that they don't have to spend doing the same thing. There's also a second reason. Whenever you, the affiliate, make a sale, the customer gets put on the product owners list of buyers so they can promote similar products to them down the line.

You can think of an affiliate marketer as a "door-to-door" or car sales person but online. You don't own the product but get paid a commission because you go out and hustle to bring in new business that wouldn't exist if it were not for your efforts. Does this make sense?

In online marketing, we often refer to blogging as niche blogging. Blogging is blogging, but we don't do it necessarily for just fun but to make money. Because of this, set up blogs differently. We don't talk about our daily activities but instead create a blog around a popular industry in which people are looking for products to buy. This blogs contain product reviews and articles about stuff happening in the niche.

Weight loss is a good example of a kind of blog that we would use for niche blogging because tons of people are looking to lose weight. Oh, I should also mention that doing affiliate marketing in conjunction with a blog is quite popular because blogs rank well for a number of reasons and are easy to manage. Oh, when you have a blog, one of the primary ways to get traffic is via SEO...

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is just what you have to do to get seen in the search engines. This is how you get free traffic. You can have a blog that is optimized for the search engines and be using a blog as a promotional tool and make a full-time income and beyond with this. This method is standard and something that 99% of people who make money online use. When you do a search for something in Google, the listings on the take up the majority of the screen are SEO listings.

Often times when you see a blog, you will also see an opt-in form where you can put in your name and e-mail to get something for free. When you do this, you get put on the company's or person's list so they can send you stuff and promote relevant products to you. This is part of list building. If you have a responsive list with a lot of subscribers, you can make a lot of money quick just buy sending out an e-mail.

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click and is a paid form of advertising. If you do a search for something in Google, these listings appear to the right and sometimes top of the screen. People pay for their listings to show up for particular keywords. Every time someone clicks on it, they pay Google a certain amount of money. This is an alternative to doing SEO -- used to be popular back-in-the-day, but Google seems to prefer companies over individuals.

Video marketing is just marketing stuff using video. Even though lots of people use a site like Youtube for fun, you can also use it as a promotional tool to promote stuff on it. I mean, just think about all the top Youtube partners that use it for both.

Any high-quality course that's focus is on SEO will pretty much teach you all the stuff you want to know about because this stuff goes hand-in-hand. I also want to stress the point that making money online is real, but it takes effort to learn the techniques and stuff. Then, you have to put to use what you learn. It's not something that happens overnight. All those products that claim you can push a button and make thousands a day with no work or experience are lying. Income grows over time.

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